Over the food of 57 years, the eco-friendly Bay Packers organization supplied a number of different cheerleading squads.

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The girls sustained the team indigenous the sidelines of locations such together Lambeau Field and also City Stadium, and also they were additionally involved in community work.

Given the committed nature the Packers� fans, the team�s cheerleaders space still fondly remembered, even though they space no much longer around.

Green just Packers Cheerleaders History

The franchise started using cheerleaders in 1931, making them one of the an initial pro teams to carry out so. For numerous games throughout the season, cheerleaders from eco-friendly Bay East and also Green just West high institutions were invited to cheer the Packers on come victory.

In the 1950s, Packers� coach Vince Lombardi approached mary Jane Sorgel about putting with each other a experienced squad to cheer because that the team. �We weren�t the Dallas Cowgirls,� Sorgel once said in an interview. �We were wholesome Midwest girls, since Vince Lombardi go not like real quick skirts. He liked the girl to be more modest, therefore that�s the means we were.

Introducing environment-friendly Bay Packers Cheerleading

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Another name adjust came in 1977, as soon as the Packerettes were changed to the eco-friendly Bay Sideliners. In 1986, every girl ~ above the squad received a $10 inspect per game.

End of experienced Cheerleaders in ~ Lambeau Field

In the late 80s, the green Bay Packers cheerleaders were hovering top top the brink the extinction. A television news poll was held to recognize their fate, and also fans seemed generally split over the issue, through 50% for and also 50% against.

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Following the 1986 season, Packers� Vice-President that Administration, Bob Harlan, approve the complying with statement, �In basic terms, the poll disclosed there were as countless fans that expressed opposition come the return the the cheerleaders as there were those in donate of restoring them. On that basis, us felt the suitable decision currently would it is in to continue without them.�

Cheerleaders native the 1986 season received a letter native Bob Harlan. It educated them the the franchise would continue without cheerleaders, and the Sideliners never performed again.

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