Just prefer the attractions themselves, thrill seekers come in all varieties, and easily queasy stomachs shouldn’t limit anyone’s enjoyment of Orlando’s finest theme park rides. Few of you could be asking, “A thrill ride that doesn’t walk upside down?” Yes, there room such things, and there room many human being such as myself that really gain thrill rides… however going upside down, no so much.

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For the large community the equilibrium impaired park guests out there, this list is for you.

#5 – The remarkable Adventures that Spider-ManWhile this journey has gone to Islands the Adventure for over a decade, that still thrills with the ideal of lock (and it did simply receive a lot needed HD upgrade no too lengthy ago). This vehicle/big screen ride has good interactions through the villains native the Spider-Man comics and likewise with Spidey himself. The water effects, fire, and also pyrotechnics room still spot-on regardless of this rides age.

Before the upgrades this drive was beginning to display its age, but the brand-new screens and also slight changes to some of the characters are much more than enough to save this journey in the height 5.

Beware, Spider-Man is a thrill ride. That doesn’t go upside down at all, however it does have a serious spinning sequence involved and an beautifully crafted falling impact from the height of a skyscraper. If this sound prefer too lot for you, I definitely recommend taking a movement sickness pill before getting top top this ride.

#4 – expedition EverestOne of the newest ides anywhere on Walt Disney civilization property, this ride at Disney’s animal Kingdom is among the rare roller coasters the is both thrilling and also doesn’t go upside down. This coaster is a great example of just exactly how a thrill journey doesn’t need to have sufficient trips upside under to prepare you for a pilgrimage to space.

The queue theming is height notch to go together with the ride, for this reason make sure to take it the chance to look around. It explains how you space embarking on a train ride to the basic camp that a Mt. Everest expedition. Naturally something walk terribly not correct en path to the camp and also you don’t rather make that there. On the occasions once the Yeti is in reality working, that impact makes this ride also better.

The only caveat to this ride that you do end up walking backwards for a substantial distance and at a high speed. That motion sickness pill medication you took the end for Spider-Man, you’ll need it right here if backwards is a problem for you.

#3 – Revenge that the MummyRevenge of the Mummy, situated inside universal Studios Florida, is a fantastic ride that starts v us out trying out a tomb, once suddenly riders finish up top top the adventure of their lives.

The queue is most likely the ideal one in ~ the original USF side of the template park resort. The ride itself is practically totally in the dark through stunning visual and also special effects.

As with exploration Everest, this drive does finish up walking backwards. The backwards section of the ride is simply as intense as the rest of the ride, so ride wisely. (It is very obvious as soon as you are about to go backwards so over there isn’t a suddenly jerking backwards, you understand it’s going come happen.) unless backwards talk is something that can make her stomach rotate you have the right to leave the motion sickness pills in your pocket.

#2 – Twilight ar Tower that TerrorThis drive looming over Disney’s Hollywood Studios is truly among the ideal attractions Disney has, even considering ours constraints.

Step backwards gradually as girlfriend walk with a splendid hotel and also down come the organization elevators. Find your seat and also prepare to discover out why you heard screaming from virtually the entrance of the park.

If just it to be one drop down 13 stories and the ride was over. No the case here, together you shooting up and down because that a entirely random variety of times. I have acquired dropped as plenty of as 6 times before, yet I know that that number deserve to be larger or smaller.

No movement sickness pills required here.

#1 – bother Potter and also the Forbidden JourneyI don’t know what perform this ride could possibly it is in on that wouldn’t offer it a #1 ranking. This is one of the biggest thrills of any type of ride that Orlando has to offer. End at islands of Adventure and also within the Wizarding human being of bother Potter lies hogwart castle, and also within that castle is the ride.

A spectacular queue v Hogwarts is enough of one adventure in itself. The amazing details will keep any type of Harry Potter fan inhabited for hours. The ride chin is absolutely, hands down, without concern the many spectacular journey in any type of theme park everywhere on the globe. Spiders, Dementors, dragons, a game of Quidditch, Hagrid, and so much more await girlfriend on your journey. The latest an innovation available got in this ride and also it shows. There space no jerky motions, no soundtracks that don’t match the visual – it really is the smoothest that rides.

Yes, this drive does placed you on your back, but it doesn’t go upside down and also that is our condition for this list. Nevertheless, you will require at the very least one that those motion sickness pills for this ride.

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Have a various favorite? treatment to location Harry Potter and also the Escape from Gringotts top top this list? Sound turn off below.