Go on certain forums, and also you’ll see claims that Crest consists of pork, and isn’t vegan.

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So I wanted to discover out once and also for all.

Why Crest might Not it is in Vegan

I examined all the ingredients in assorted Crest toothpastes (we’ll go over them in a bit), and also I had actually 3 main concerns:

Glycerin – Glycerincan come from animal sources (like pork) or from tree sources. Only Crest would know.“Color” –Is contained in many toothpastes, yet it’s uncertain what that means. Some colorings space not vegan.“Flavor” –Like color, that in multiple toothpastes and is vague. Part flavorings room vegan, and also some room not.

So, ns emailed Crest for clarification on those 3 ingredients, and also got earlier a advantageous response.


Each heat of the response lines approximately a concern I inquiry in my initial message.

Is There animal Glycerin in Crest?

Regarding glycerin…

There space no materials from pets in our toothpastes.

That’s a clean indication that thereis no pork in comb toothpastes, and that the glycerin originates from plant sources.

Artifical colors in stakes Toothpast

Regarding “Color”…

Colors do undoubtedly refer to common fabricated colors favor Blue #1 or Red #40.

This is what i suspected, and may or may not be a difficulty for girlfriend because artificial colors space controversial.

Here’s my full post on even if it is or notartificial colors room vegan, yet the short answer is the while they aren’t made from pet products, lock are often tested on animals (mainly because of concerns about if they cause health worries or not).

Personally, i don’t consider them vegan, however it’s up to you to decision if you okay v them.All comb toothpastes have synthetic colors in them,so this will certainly decide if she okay v using stakes or not.

Flavoring ingredient in Crest

Finally,regarding “flavor”:

Anything not detailed more especially on SmartLabel is proprietary to P&G.

Not super clear.

However, the just flavors that room not vegan are the ones obtained from animal products, and since the solution already clearly indicated the there room none, the “flavor” ingredient is a non-issue.


There is no pork or other animal products in any kind of Crest toothpaste.There are artificial colors in every one of their toothpastes. Some vegans protect against them, and some don’t, do your very own call.

One an ext Issue: Crest exam on Animals

As of now, comb is known to check their products on animals.

So even if you’re it s okay with artificial colors,Crest toothpaste is not vegan.It’s the same reason why most teeth whitening strips room not vegan.

You could think,what’s wrong with brushing one animal’s teeth?

Unfortunately, that’s not what testing consists of. Comb hasn’t publicly do their experimentation procedure public, so uneven they execute that, we can only speculate.

However, the usual testing procedure for a product choose this is to force animals to ingest it to identify where it provides them ailing or kills them. That’s no vegan in any form.

Ingredients of stakes Toothpastes

You have the right to look up every one of these yourself on the crest website. Just go to every toothpaste and click the connect to the SmartLabel ingredient list. I believed I’d do the occupational for you and also include the ingredients here for convenience.

Note the each toothpaste has actually flavor variations and also what not, I just looked in ~ the most famous ones.

Artificial colors room bolded.

Crest Pro-Health ToothpasteWater, sorbitol, sign language silica, salt lauryl sulfate, carrageenan, salt gluconate, flavor, xanthan gum, zinc citrate, stannous chloride, salt hydroxide, salt saccharin,color
Crest 3D WhiteGlycerin, sign language silica, salt hexametaphosphate, water, PEG-6, Flavor, Trisodium Phosphate, sodium lauryl sulfate, carrageenan, cocamidopropyl betaine, salt saccharin, PEG-20M, xanthan gum, sucralose, titanium dioxide, mica,blue 1
Crest complete WhiteningSodium fluoride, sorbitol, water, sign language silica, flavor, disodium pyrophosphate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium saccharin, salt hydroxide, carbomer, xanthan gum, cellulose gum, titanium dioxide,color
Crest sensitivityWater, hydrated silica, glycerin, sorbitol, trisodium phosphate, sodium lauryl sulfate, flavor, cellulose gum, alcohol, xanthan gum, sodium saccharin, polysorbate 80, sodium benzoate, cetylpyridinium chloride, benzoic acid, titanium dioxide,color
Crest Gum DetoxifyWater, sorbitol, hydrated silica, salt lauryl sulfate, carrageenan, sodium gluconate, flavor, xanthan gum, zinc citrate, stannous chloride, sodium hydroxide, sodium saccharin,color, sucralose, titanium dioxide

If you have any type of questions about any the this, leave me a comment below :).

A Vegan alternative to crest Toothpaste

If you’re trying to find a toothpaste the is clearly vegan, and also contains fluoride (not all “natural” toothpastes do), I extremely recommend Tom’s the Maine natural Toothpaste through Baking Soda and Fluoride.


It’s the one I use now, and also I’ve had no issues with it.

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Another different is Colgate’s heat of “Colgate Zero” products, which room all vegan.