It only steps the speed.Explanation:Speedometer, tool that suggests the speed of a vehicle, usually linked with a maker known together an odometer that records the street traveled. It only procedures the scalar amount which is the speed of the car, no the direction.Further readings:Scalars are quantities that are completely described by a size (or numerical value) alone. Examples: Mass , Speed , Distance , Time , Area u00a0,Volume , Density , Temperature.Vectors are quantities that are totally described by both a magnitude and a direction. Examples; direct momentum , Acceleration , Displacement , Momentum , Angular velocity , Force , electrical field , Polarization."}>" data-test="answer-box-list">



It only actions the speed.

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Speedometer, tool that shows the rate of a vehicle, usually linked with a maker known together an odometer that documents the distance traveled. It only actions the scalar quantity which is the speed of the car, not the direction.

Further readings:

Scalars are amounts that are completely described through a size (or number value) alone.

Examples: Mass, Speed, Distance, Time, Area ,Volume, Density, Temperature.

Vectors are quantities that are fully described by both a magnitude and a direction.

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Examples; straight momentum, Acceleration, Displacement, Momentum, Angular velocity, Force, electric field, Polarization.

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