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Hey guys simply wondering how much fuel does mine 2016 2500 ccsb hold. I just put 28 gallons in it and my fuel irradiate kicked on about 40 miles before that. I was told that on my 03 qcsb it to be a 32 gallon tank but I never put end 27 gallons in that. So who knows. Simply curious that"s all
2016 CCSB Delmonico Red and also Sliver, Ramboxes, stock for now...Old: 2003 QCSB graphite metallic, 4in MBRP turbo back, banks Monster Ram, Smarty S06

Click ~ above the connect below. Enter your Vin number in the "equipment listing" box. Should present the build sheet for your truck. Hope this helps.
2012 SLT 3500, CCLB, HO, SRW 4x2, 4.10s, 68RFE, Mineral Grey, Pacbrake wait springs, Fumoto oil valve, Cat/Cummins double Filter kit, sheet CTS Monitor.

Click top top the attach below. Go into your Vin number in the "equipment listing" box. Should show the develop sheet for your truck. Expect this helps.

Reg cab lengthy bed is 28 gals.CC quick bed is likewise 28 i believeMega is 31 galsCC long bed is 32And the capacities changed from earlier trucks because of the DEF tank taking up some room.And the mile to north is always way off on mine truck when it it s okay down listed below 1/4 tank, way higher than it will certainly actually go.
I have the 31 gallon tank, moved it till the irradiate went on numerous times and never put an ext then 28 gallons in it. Likewise never thrust it it rotates empty, I understand in enlarge diesels gaining on re primed and started to be a actual pain.

I go aftermarket through a Titan 55 gallon fuel tank the works v a truck having actually a DEF tank.Definitely conserves me fuel stops....
2020 3500 restricted 4x4. 4.10 axle. 2016 3500 Laramie Limited, AISIN, 3.73,Traded2012 lamb 3500Laramie 4x4 DRW 68RFE 4.10 ,2005 lamb 3500 CCLB Laramie 4x4 3.73, 2001 lamb 2500 QCSB
I walk aftermarket with a Titan 55 gallon fuel tank the works v a truck having actually a DEF tank.Definitely conserves me fuel stops....
Same here. No more playing "lets box in the RV"er in ~ the pumps" through the huge boys in the diesel lanes once towing my fifth wheel. Also permits me to gain diesel in ~ some ar other than the van stops where the price is almost always higher.
2016 3500 SRW, 6.7, Crew Cab, lengthy Bed, SLT trim5th Wheel Tow Pkg, factory Rear waiting SuspensionDelmonico Red
Click top top the link below. Enter your Vin number in the "equipment listing" box. Should display the develop sheet for her truck. Expect this helps.
That"s quite cool. Thanks for the link. Ns wish it would certainly let me traction up the original window sticker, favor the BMW assistance does for your cars. Ns bought this truck offered (with 9,700 miles) and would love to view the initial cost.

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