An enormous explosion. A whisper heard over her shoulder. The rumbling base you feel instead of hear. The combination of our perfect tuned integrated sound system and also our an accurate speaker orientation ensures you have the right to hear a pen drop and be able come tell exactly where it landed. Every keep in mind of the soundtrack and every scuff the a shoe is clearer in, with a finish overhaul of every movie’s audio overseen by the film’s director. All of this pristine sound is climate pumped right into a theatre that has actually been customized for an optimal experience.

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photo AWE-INSPIRING images

Dual ProjectionUnparalleled brightness and brilliant clarity.


Hand-Crafted Re-MasteringA perfect execution the the director’s vision.


Heightened RealismCustom, reflective screens are extra bright.

Clarity, detail and also size make much more than a movie. Ours remastering — or DMR — process fully transforms every structure of a film to create the best possible version of a filmmaker’s vision. Two projectors run at the same time to administer the perfect image with a balance the warmth and also sharpness. draws you right into something together close to fact as girlfriend have ever experienced.


Movies room watched. However seeing a movie in an® theatre is so much more. That’s what we speak to The Experience®. Every element in ours theatres is planned, designed and positioned v exacting standards to produce the many intense experience. This science is ours theatre geometry, and it guarantee movie magic every time the lights go down.

"It’s the gold standard and what any type of other an innovation has to match up to..." Christopher Nolan - Director, Interstellar

" offers a one-of-a-kind movie going endure to audiences anywhere the world" Justin Lin - Director, Star Trek Beyond

A super-advanced piece of an innovation that’s been to the peak of Everest, the bottom the the ocean and even to space. For over 40 years, cameras have pushed the boundaries of engineering and are well-known industry-wide as the ideal premium filmmaking tools obtainable today.

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Our heritage of creation is built on state-of-the-art, proprietary technology conceived and also engineered in-house. Audyssey and Barco space two world-class an innovation partners whose contents have to be seamlessly combined with ours to perfect the experience.


The best means to endure is merely by watching one of our movies in an theatre. Over there is no various other theatre choose it.