I as soon as read about a nice indigenous that defines the details noise made by a helicopter in flight.

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It wasn"t a share verb favor "rattling" or "juddering", yet one the only applies to helicopters.It may have been onomatopoeic, yet I"m not sure.I"m nearly sure it to be a verb (as in "the <...>ing noise that the helicopter"), yet it can have to be a noun (as in "we might hear the helicopter"s <...> native a mile off").

I"ve pursued on the web to try to uncover this native again, but to no avail. I"m certain I"ll know it when I view it though. Does anyone else understand this word?

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It appears that the various noises produced by helicopers have the right to be nice complex, and also I could not foresee the OP would certainly raise my attention on this topic.

It is sometimes called with the broad and somewhat loosened terms "chop chop", choppy or chopping sound, see for instance:

While the "chop" source is loose, I like its similarity v the reduced ("to chop"), and also "chop chop", rooted in Cantonese, embraced by civicpride-kusatsu.net seamen meaning "hurry, hurry".

More technical terms exist for their different noises, depending on the that enngine, the manoeuvre, the number of blades, the flight "mode". A an ext technical SE conversation at The sound that rotating helicopter blades.

Indeed, the "Helicopter sound is quite complex", as stated in Frequency analysis of Helicopter Sound in the AS332 at sight Puma, or in Helicopter tongue slap, J. That Sound and Vibration, 1966 (a more accurate technological term proposed by
Sven Yargs) which states that:

Blade slap is the sharp boost in helicopter rotor noise, at the tongue passing frequency, that is characteristic of certain model helicopters during some régimes the flight.


This can be characterized as the loud, sharp boost in rotor noise, in ~ the tongue passing frequency, that is therefore characteristic of specific model helicopters during specific manoeuvres.

noting that:

Many times, blade slap noise has actually been failure for maker gun fire and also vice versa.

Finally, one deserve to find countless other onomatopoeic sound here, because that instance:

swish/swash/swish/swashtocotocotocowuppa wuppawhop whop whopwhumpa-whumpa-whumpa-whumpawhup-whup-whupthith-thith-thithdubdubdubdubdubdub-flac-flac-flacchakk-chackk-chak-chak,batabatabata
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Glancing through the results in Google publications for "deafened by the" + "of the helicopter", it seems the most common term is roar, roaring. Ns doubt there"s anything an ext specific in common use 1.

It"s most likely an overestimate, but Google publications thinks it has actually an estimated 8280 access time for...

roar that the helicopter

1 ns don"t think it"s specific come helicopters, yet chuntering + helicopter it s okay 12,100 Google hits.

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One onomatopoeic word for the sound that whirling helicopter rotors is "chuf" or "chuff" (often repeated in sets of 2 or 3 syllables). Here are some examples from a Google publications search. Native Aviation Week, volume 60 (1954)

Sikorsky, of course, is the recognized "father" of the helicopter market in the United states — an market that has grown native his original VS-300 (first flown in September, 1939) to a field of 17 manufacturers transforming out whatever from small single-place ships to giant tandem-rotor craft accommodating 40 troops.


Then, on may 6, 1941, Sikorsky take it the VS-300 aloft and also stayed airborne for one hour, 32 minutes and 30 seconds, a brand-new world record.

Since then the chuf-chuf-chuf of the rotating wing has become familiar in Korea, in air mail and also express schedules, in utility uses such as power line inspection and mapping flights and in passenger operations together well.

From Aircraft, volume 20, (1958) :

The little "chuff-chuff" Fairey Ultra light Helicopter, currently in royal Navy colours, was flown on and off its transporter van while being pushed along the runway come simulate a ship"s platform.

From The Aeronautical Journal, volume 78 (1974) :

It is noticed that there is a significant content of short frequency discrete frequency sound in the helicopter recording which is absent in the roadway traffic noise (Fig. 2). These short frequency discrete frequency materials are heard as the chuff-chuff that the helicopter. If this tones do not decrease in amplitude with increase in frequency then the helicopter will make the banging sound i beg your pardon is often referred to as blade slap.

From Ivan Smith, Come rest a Spear (1980) :

The clattering chuff-chuff the heli-borne troops to fill the air. Black against the bright, silver skies the machines rose up and over the hill and also dipped promptly towards the valley.

From Hob Brown, Inner Tube: A Novel (1985):

Chuff-chuff-chuff: the soundtrack because that embassy evacuations. A bulbous black helicopter passes over our heads, carrying, through equal probability, soldiers or hunters or survey geologists.

From Reader"s Digest Treasury of humorous Writing (1988) :

Down top top the very first floor, the sublievenant paused in his supervising that the handing the end of riot weapons to hear to the unmistakable chuff-chuff of a adjacent helicopter. "My God!" he whispered. "They must be gave by Fidel Castro!"

From Larry Kammholz, Moc Hoa (mŏck Wauh): A Vietnam Medical-Military Adventure (1990) :

Then there was the sudden excitement the the sound of the half-dozen choppers increasing their engines and also rotors, churning up the dust. The whine that the engines and also the chuf, chuf of the whirling knives then increased in pitch and also intensity and also rapidly heightened to a last whizzing takeoff.

From rob Loughran, High Steaks (2003):

But his voice floundered in the chuff-chuff, chuff-chuff the a us Navy helicopter that bulleted under the valley around forty feet off the ground.

From James Doss, Stone Butterfly(2007):

The chuff-chuff the an pull close helicopter awakens the feline dreamer.

From T.M. Bilderback, Mama called Me no To Come - A Justice defense Novel (2010):

The first helicopter was virtually even v the barn now, moving rapid over them. Felix heard a muffled chuff, chuff, chuff from it.

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From Matthew Ewald, Human Nature (2015):

The sound from exterior intensified, he cocked his head together he heard a soft whisper, the chuff chuff whirring of a helicopter, a news helicopter, he...no, they had actually been below to make a statement.