If your husky has been attacking little dogs, you might be wondering why and what you have the right to do about it.

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In this post, i will present you a number of reasons why her husky might be doing it and also what you deserve to do to protect against it.

So, why does my husky attack small dogs? The most likely reason is the huskies are recognized for having actually a strong prey drive. Other possible reasons space that that hasn’t had actually much exposure to other dogs, the being overcoming or the you have actually inadvertently rewarded the behavior.

There are numerous things the you can think about when trying to number out why her husky walk it. There are likewise many points that you deserve to do in stimulate to gain your husky to stop.

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1 Why your husky attacks little dogs
1.1 It has actually a strong prey drive
1.2 A absence of exposure to other dogs
1.3 supremacy
1.4 defense
1.5 Inadvertently encouraging the habits
1.6 exactly how to acquire your husky to stop attacking small dogs
1.6.1 Train the to listen to girlfriend while on the leash
1.6.2 If her husky lives with small dogs
1.6.3 Redirect its attention
1.7 points to think about
1.7.1 exactly how old her husky is
1.7.2 If you own other tiny dogs

Why your husky attacks tiny dogs

Below, i will point out a number of reasons why her husky could be act it and also what deserve to make them more likely.

It has a solid prey drive

The factor that her husky has a habit the attacking small dogs is most likely to it is in partly as result of the reality that huskies are known for having a strong prey drive. The reason for this is most likely to be since their ancestors essential to hunt small animals come survive.

Huskies have actually actually been well-known to kill tiny animals so, till you space sure that it deserve to be trusted, it would be finest to separate your husky from little pets at any time possible.

A lack of exposure to other dogs

If your husky did no socialize with various other dogs much as a puppy climate it won’t have actually learned to think about them together friendly. This combined with a strong prey drive can be why your husky often tends to get aggressive towards little dogs.

In this case, the would help to socialize her husky through friendly dogs in a regulated environment anytime possible. It would certainly also aid to follow the tips in the section below.


The reason that her husky go it can be the it has actually a habit of gift dominating. This would certainly be an ext likely if it does not listen to your command a lot and also it do the efforts to position itself come be greater than you.

If the does often tend to be dominating then it would be important to offer it many training so that it watch you as the leader and so that it knows just how it is supposed to behave.

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It can be the instance that it does it since it is being protective. This would be an ext likely if it is aggressive to small dogs that have tendency to it is in aggressive together well. In this case, the would help to monitor the tips pointed out below.

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Inadvertently encouraging the behavior

It might be the instance that you have actually inadvertently trained it to be wild around little dogs. This would be much more likely if your technique of getting it to stop is to offer it points that it wants such together treats or toys.

Instead of providing it things that it wants, as soon as it go it, shot to recognize when it is around to it is in aggressive and also to redirect its emphasis on come doing a command such as to sit.


How to acquire your husky to protect against attacking tiny dogs

Below, room a number of options that you have actually when trying to acquire your husky to prevent attacking tiny dogs.

Train the to hear to friend while ~ above the leash

In order to be able to control her husky when it becomes aggressive, it would be an extremely important come train the to listen to you once on the leash.

One means to acquire it to listen to you would certainly be come train it to sit when on the leash. You deserve to do this by gaining some treats the it likes, speak “sit” and then wait for it come sit and also then giving it the treat. If it does no sit climate you can encourage it to sit by raising the treat over its head. Then you would prevent showing that the treat and also reward it once it sits once you simply say “sit”

Once girlfriend can get your husky to listen to you when alone with you, it would be necessary to get it supplied to listening to you once other dog are around such as is excellent in the video below.

If your husky resides with tiny dogs

If her husky does not live with small dogs then the simplest thing to carry out would it is in to shot to save it far from tiny dogs anytime possible.

If her husky resides with tiny dogs then it would certainly still assist to separate them whenever possible. However, it would certainly also aid to train it to be well behaved as soon as they are around.

To do this girlfriend would:

Get the little dog and also your husky, on a leash, in the very same roomGet your husky to keep its emphasis on you by telling it to perform things such regarding sitReward it for keeping its emphasis on youSlowly allow the small dog to gain closer to her husky while continuing to reward the for maintaining its emphasis on youRepeat the over until you space able to acquire it to save its emphasis on you while the little dog is freely roaming around

You deserve to watch the video below come see how it is done.

Redirect that attention

In stimulate to acquire your husky the end of the habit of immediately becoming aggressive when tiny dogs space around, the would help to find out to recognize once it is around to start doing it.

When you room able to recognize when it is around to end up being aggressive you would redirect its emphasis on to you once it is about to it is in aggressive. By law so friend will be able to get it come be far better behaved around small dogs. One way to get it to focus on you would be come train it come sit when you tell the to.

Things to consider

How old your husky is

It would help to consider the age of her husky.

If the is tho young climate it would be an extremely helpful to take it the time currently to socialize the with various other dogs as lot as feasible so the it learns to be well behaved roughly them.

If that is older, then it would help to perform the tips discussed above, to give it numerous training so that it adheres to your command and to try to different it from small dogs once possible.

If you very own other tiny dogs

If friend own little dogs climate it would assist to separate your husky native them when you can. In particular, it would certainly be essential to feed them separately. The is really common because that dogs to come to be aggressive once they room eating and also the opportunities of her husky lashing the end at a little dog will certainly be much higher when the is being fed.

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