Are girlfriend planning to obtain a second dog for her husky? In this article, I have shared the perform of dogs the get in addition to huskies.

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There are so many comparable characteristics between labradors and also huskies. They are similar in terms of power level, practice needs, and also friendliness. This provides labrador retriever a perfect breed because that a husky dog.Talking about shedding, the shedding level of labs is pretty greater than huskies. Labradors melted throughout the year. But, it deserve to be regulated with the assist of consistent grooming (like brushing, vacuuming, etc.).The an excellent thing about labs is they are intelligent; and also easy to train as compared to huskies. V some simple training, they have the right to be very obedient.Check: Labrador vs gold Retriever Comparison

2. Australian Shepherd

The Australian shepherd is another an excellent match the the husky. The breed is very comparable to husky in regards to size and personality.Both husky and Aussie space affectionate & fun-loving. They are loving toward kids, families, and other dogs.Just choose huskies, the exercise demands of Aussies are additionally high. Aussies room playful and also energetic, lock love come get affiliated in miscellaneous high-intensity tasks like running, playing, etc.They are intelligent and likewise easy to train. Your high knowledge level provides the training sessions easy.

3. Alaskan Malamute

A newbie could confuse Alaskan Malamute v Husky. The figure of Alaskan Malamute watch very similar to huskies. The each other is often taken into consideration the cousin the Siberian husky.In terms of size, Malamutes are bigger 보다 huskies. Both breeds space aggressive. They have the right to be good together, the problem is both breeds must of different sex. For example, female Husky with a masculine Malamute or evil versa.Talking about physical activities, huskies and malamutes both space energetic and also both have actually pretty high exercise needs.The training process can be challenging with this breeds as both space not so easy to train.

4. German Shepherd

German shepherds space quite various from huskies, still, lock are thought about a good companion for huskies. In regards to size, intelligence, and also trainability, huskies and germans are different from each other.The common in between these 2 is they have actually a friendly and affectionate nature.Both breeds have a double coat and both melted a lot, but their shedding trends are different from one another. Huskies burned a lot of in the spring and also autumn. Germans shed throughout the year, yet the shedding level rises in the loss season.Germans and Huskies have the right to live together. Lock can acquire along far better when lock are presented as puppies.

5. Gold Retriever

Huskies and goldens both are an extremely friendly, loving, and also affectionate. They room affectionate toward families, kids, strangers, and also other dogs.In terms of size, the golden retriever each other is bigger than the husky.By adopting a gold retriever, shedding would certainly be a large issue. Goldens melted all year round. The shedding level it s okay high two times a year, in the spring and fall seasons.Goldens follow every the commands and also instructions of your owners. They are intelligent and easier to train as contrasted to huskies.Also Check: What to Know prior to Getting A gold Retriever?

6. Dalmatian

Dalmatians room friendly and smart. They room so loving towards their owners, family members, kids, and other dogs.Both the breeds are similar to each various other in numerous ways, in regards to size, power level, practice needs, and intelligence.Dalmatians and Huskies have actually high exercise needs. Therefore after adopting a Dalmatian, both of her dogs can have exercise sessions together.The great thing is both dog breeds space playful for this reason they will reap each rather companionship.

7. Border Collie

Just prefer Siberian huskies, border collies room also really friendly and loving. They are good with their family, kids, other dogs, and also strangers.Officially, this is the most intelligent dog breed. If you desire your second dog to be an extremely smart & intelligent; and friendly with your Husky, Border Collie have the right to be a an excellent choice.The breed is also popular because that its high power level and its herding skills. Due to the high herding instincts of border collies, they space not encourage for people with young kids.And, to control the herding instinct that the border collie, you need to provide him socialization training. The an excellent thing is the each other is smart and easy to train.

Do Huskies obtain Along With tiny Dogs?

If you room a husky dog owner and planning to embrace a small breed dog, here’s something important you need to know.Huskies have actually a high food drive as result of which they can not get along with little dogs. Their knowledge level and also trainability are also less, which renders training rather tough.In short, that is not a an excellent idea to embrace a tiny breed dog once you have a Husky. The personality might differ from one separation, personal, instance husky come another. Whether or no you should adopt a little dog is solely based on your husky’s personality.

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Final Thoughts

Huskies are load dogs, gaining a 2nd dog for her husky is a great idea. There is no scientific proof for whether or no huskies deserve to identify their own breed.In this post, I have mentioned different breeds that are friendly towards huskies, so that you can uncover the best 2nd dog for her husky.Also Check: finest Dog toys For Huskies