So, you have finally made decision that you desire a guinea pig, but now the next question that pertains to your mind will be must I obtain a male guinea pig or a female guinea pig? What is the difference in between them? and which one must you go for?

Both male and also female guinea pigs are good pets. Masculine guinea pigs space active, and they prosper larger. They likewise carry an outgoing personality; thus, males shortcut quickly and are simpler to train. However, they do need a larger cage, more maintenance, and also can obtain aggressive sometimes.

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Let us inspect them the end head to head and also see i beg your pardon one provides the perfect selection for her family.


However, boars have a leading nature and they may finish up fighting and creating trouble for you later where you have to separate them.

But, if you have a neutered masculine then you have the right to keep them v a female guinea pig. They will additionally get along rather well.

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Can 2 male guinea pigs be preserved together?

Yes, 2 males have the right to be kept together, but the opportunities of them fighting is always there.

However, this relies upon your personality as part guinea pigs can obtain territorial and that leader to fighting.

If you have bought lock together and kept them together from a an extremely young age, then they can get along but introducing a brand-new male in a cage through a male already in over there for part time is without doubt going to lug some dominance and fighting in between them.

You can keep 2 guinea pigs together if girlfriend follow few of the advice offered below:

Introduce them come each other at a really young age.

For much more tips clock the video clip below:

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So, ns hope you have actually chosen one or the other as her companion pet. Return both boars and also sows have their own pros and cons, tho both of them make a perfect pet.

If you have no prior endure with guinea pigs and are bringing them house for the first time, I would certainly recommend going with a pair that same-gender.

In this way, you will certainly not have to resolve the complication the pregnancy.

However, if you desire to reap being a guinea pig parent and want to view your guinea pig family members grow then acquire a boar and also introduce a young sow so that they deserve to mate and your guinea pig family grows well.

Although it is no recommended for beginners, tho if you desire to breed your guinea pigs then you have the right to refer to this guide native Vetzone for an ext info.

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Either way, the doesn’t matter which gender of guinea pig you finish up choosing, each of lock will have a distinct personality and also taste, and also you will definitely enjoy being v them.

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