What is the difference in between having a volatile versus a non-volatile solute in ~ the boiling suggest of the solution?

I have actually been gaining mixed answers online worrying the differences outlined above. This is what I have actually gathered so far:

A non-volatile solute go not produce vapour in ~ the boiling point of the solution.

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A volatile solute does produce vapour in ~ the boiling suggest of the solution.

Can someone confirm these definitions?



A substance with higher vapour push vaporizes more readily 보다 a substance with a lower vapour pressure. In case of a volatile solute this has actually a high vapour pressure and hence to produce vapour. While in the situation of a non-volatile solute because of its lower vapour pressure it does not create vapour. The vapor press of a problem is the push at i beg your pardon its gas step is in equilibrium with its condensed phases (liquid or solid).



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