Net Worth:$2 Million
Born:March 16, 1959
Country of Origin:United says of America
Source that Wealth:Professional Rapper
Last Updated:2021


As the 2021, flavor Flav‘s network worth is around $2 million.

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William Jonathan Drayton Jr., better known by his stage name smell Flav, is an American rapper, actor, comedian and also television personality from brand-new York.

He climbed to prominence as a member of the hip-hop group Public Enemy. That is also known for popularizing the role of the hype man and for yelling ‘Yeah, boyeee!’.

Early Life

William Jonathan Drayton was born top top the 16th that March, in Roosevelt, brand-new York. He was a musical prodigy – a self-taught pianist, who likewise played the drums, guitar and 15 other instruments.

Drayton often got top top the wrong next of law and was jailed because that robbery and also burglary countless times. The dropped out of school in the 11th grade but graduated native culinary institution in 1978.



While attending Adelphi college on long Island, flavor Flav met Carlton Ridenhour, who became known together Chuck D if Flavor Flav took his phase name ~ his graffiti tag and rapper together.

In 1982, Flav, lining D, DJ Lord, Khari Wynn, and Professor Griff formed a hip-hop group referred to as Public foe in lengthy Island.

Flavor Flav’s debut album ’Yo! Bum rush the Show’ to be released in 1987.The group’s politics single, struggle the Power, exit in 1989, to be a call to stand up and fight injustice yet contained disparaging lyrics about popular American symbols Elvis Presley and John Wayne.

He was invite to participate in the VH1 reality show ‘The Surreal Life’ in i beg your pardon a select group of celebrities lives together, in 2004. Throughout this show, he arisen a connection with actress Brigitte Nielsen.

VH1 gave Flav and Brigitte a present titled weird Love, in 2005, which detailed their globetrotting adventure in love. In ~ the end of strange Love, Brigitte chose to return to her fiancé, Mattia Dessi.

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He and also two others started Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs, in 2012, in Michigan. But this too was closeup of the door the adhering to year after being evicted by its landlord for fail to pay rent. In 2012, he appeared with his longtime fiancée Liz ~ above ABC’s, Celebrity mam Swap, a reality television program.

As the 2021, flavor Flav’s net worth is $2 million.


Here are several of the ideal highlights of smell Flav’s career:

He got Game (Album, 1998)Unga Bunga Bunga (Song, 2006)Teen selection Award (TV – choice Reality Star (Male), 2007) – NominatedMichael Jackson (Song, 2013)

Favorite estimates from flavor Flav

“I grew up playing about 15 instruments and the way that i was able to achieve that was by cut my classes, hanging out in the tape room all day, and also going from one tool to the beside the next until i learned just how to play whatever by ear.”– smell Flav

“Hip-hop is as soon as you have actually crowd participation; once you chant in ~ the audience and also they chant ago at you; when you tide your hand in the air like you simply don’t care; or part breakdancing. Every little thing today is just low-beat, real bass-y, bass-y, an excellent rap records.”– flavor Flav

“Back in the day, once the D.J. Would be play a record, I’d be on the mic trying to hype up the crowd. So once Public Enemy became a laboratory group, I made decision that that’s the function that I wanted to take on. I want to be the one the was hyped since I’ve always been great at it. I can hype up any type of crowd.”– flavor Flav

“”Queen Latifah used to assist me out with my kids, because while we were all the end on tour – windy Enemy, mischievous By Nature, Queen Latifah, heavy D – when Public opponent went onstage, ns didn’t have anybody heavy to clock my kids. So, Latifah would help me out.”– flavor Flav

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3 Funny & vital Lessons native Flavor Flav

Now the you understand all about Flavor Flav’s net worth, and how he accomplished success; let’s take a watch at some of the funniest and important class we deserve to learn from him:

1. Dope

If anyone desires to recognize what the definition of ‘dope’ means, it’s: ‘Definition of windy Enemy.’

2. We have to Be Happy prior to We aid Others

The finest advice that Flav ever before got is to do everything it takes to make myself happy so that us will have the ability to make rather happy. If you’re not happy, we can’t make other world happy.

3. What friend Can’t Do

I’ll tell girlfriend one thing you can’t do: friend can’t placed your pair of shoes on, then her socks on.


Flavor Flav is an American musician and also television personality who rose to importance as a member that the hip-hop group Public Enemy. Flav played an important role in the group’s success and also his music has actually sold millions of copies.

As that 2021, flavor Flav’s net worth is about $3 million.

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