Episode 25 is obviously a an essential episode regarding progression of the storyline and also this concept will contain spoiler so if you have actually not yet watched episode 25 do not review on.

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Okay, in chapters '20-25' I've noticed the L has actually been exhilaration a lot more kinder towards Light. In ~ the end of episode 20, we begin to see an ext of L's personality seep through his dismissive outer shell together he cases he now has actually 'another friend' referring to Misa, saying he considers irradiate a friend. He likewise jokes about the world being dark there is no Light and although this might not be the he thinks the people would be dark (sad) without light the human, that does present to united state he is okay with joking around in the existence of Light and also Misa. This reflects he feels comfortable with Light together he think of him as a friend and is displaying indications of trust and also friendship by joking v the pair. Clear we know he has actually a difficult time trusting world so this itself presents l to have become much more acceptant that Light and maybe has pertained to the conclusion that Light isn't Kira (or therefore he thinks).

I don't recognize whether this has already been 'discovered' many times yet I'll display anyway. I discovered in episode 25, during and after the roof scene, l apologises to irradiate multiple times because that petty reasons which chin is uneven L together he would usually respond v 'I understand'. He says sorry to irradiate a full of 3 essential times and I believe each i m really sorry represents a subliminal hint the he is trying to tell to Light regarding the truth he no longer thinks the him together Kira yet instead a friend.

firstly, he states 'Sorry, nothing ns say provides sense anyway.' ns think this to represent the truth that L thinks he wrongly accused Light and it didn't make feeling to think that him as Kira.

secondly, he claims 'sorry, that was my fault'. I think this reflects that everything bad that has actually happened come Light and his household was as result of him and he is sorry.

lastly, he claims while dry Light's feet the he is 'sorry', but he claims it in a very heartfelt way. He additionally says it after irradiate helps him dried his hair and also this could suggest that is apologising for no realising he's a great guy.

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He likewise makes unnecessary little talk and interactions through Light that I have only witnessed between episodes 20-25. Any other interactions v Light have actually been necessary to the investigation and a scheme to end up being closer come Light. I don't recognize if this way anything however I'd choose to think the he is trying come say to Light the he no much longer thinks that him as Kira or atleast thinks of him together a friend.