The original quote, v slang

Cody: (on the phone) Damian, what"s the dealie dude? room we gonna punch this tree line or what? Tuk-Tuk and Kim obtained the blue balls here and also I wanna permit "em squirt it because that a go.

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Off camera voice: Camera crew quiet rolling.

Cody: (on the phone) Peter, have the right to he listen me?

Cody:(to one assistant who brings that a box) That"s C-4, dipshit. Placed that back. I claimed a detonator!

Cody:(on the phone) I require some dudes who speak American, god cursed it! He"s make a fucking pullover here, I"m tryin" to put Tiger balm on this jungle"s nuts.

What does that mean?

Cody: (on the phone) Damian, what is the situation, man? are we walking to set off explosions along this heat of trees or not? Tuk-Tuk and Kim are frustrated and also want to collection off the explosions, and also I want to give them permission to do that. (Literally: Tuk-Tuk and Kim space sexually excited, yet frustrated since they room not having actually sex through anyone. I want to enable them come ejaculate.)

Off camera voice: The activity is still being filmed.

Cody: (on the phone) Peter, have the right to he hear me?

Cody: (to one assistant who brings him a box) That"s C-4 plastic explosive, idiot. Put that back. I claimed I want a detonator!

Cody: (on the phone) I require some guys who speak American, God cursed it! (used because that emphasis) He"s make a fucking (used for emphasis) pullover here, I"m trying to produce an exciting explosion. (Literally: I"m make the efforts to excite this jungle"s testicles. Tiger balm is the brand name of a medicine that creates warmth when rubbed top top sore muscles.)

The original quote, with slang

Kirk Lazarus: have the right to I tell you that I"m i m really sorry for any type of offense ns might"ve caused, man? I just got caught up in--

Alpa Chino: --in being a dumbass?

Kirk Lazarus: ns guess so.

Alpa Chino: Why friend still act this Chicken George shit, I have no idea.

What does the mean?

Kirk Lazarus: can I tell you that I"m sorry for any offense i might"ve caused, man? ns was so associated in--

Alpa Chino: --in gift an idiot?

Kirk Lazarus: Yes.

Alpa Chino: ns don"t understand why you room still pretending to it is in black as soon as we are finished acting.*

*Chicken George to be a significant character in Alex Haley"s publication Roots: The Saga of an American Family, which to be made into a very popular 1977 tv miniseries. George, who obtained his nickname indigenous his skills in cockfighting, to be the nephew of Kunta Kinte, an African male who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the late eighteenth century.

The original quote, v slang

Jeff Portnoy: Alpa, if girlfriend untie me, I will certainly literally suck your prick right now.

Alpa Chino: Man, i told you because that the critical time, ns love tha pussy!

Jeff Portnoy: I"ll cradle the balls, hit the shaft, work the pipe and also swallow the gravy. Get it end here, buddy. Let"s perform this.

What does that mean?

Jeff Portnoy: Alpa, if girlfriend untie me, i will offer you dental sex best now.

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Alpa Chino: Man, ns told you for the critical time, I favor to have actually sex through women!

Jeff Portnoy: I"ll organize your testicles, stroke and also suck your penis and also swallow the ejaculate.* Come over here, friend. Let"s execute this.

*This quote originates from an apocryphal story around actor Sylvester Stallone. Supposedly, while working on a film, he got in his trailer with a female production assistant and also told she to "cradle the balls and also stroke the shaft" among other things, without realizing his microphone was still on--allowing the production crew to hear his instructions. In many versions of the legend, he likewise tells the assistant, "Say my name!" "Work the pipe and swallow the gravy" appear to be innovations of one of two people the screenwriter or Jack Black, the actor that plays Jeff Portnoy.