Before you leave, you perform not have to understand much musical notation to carry out this challenge.

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In standard sheet music, twin clefs go throughout the page serving as recommendation points come the notes, letting you recognize what note have to be played. If you room not already familiar v the treble and also bass clef, here is a summary from Wikipedia:

A clef is a musical symbol supplied to suggest the pitch of written notes. Put on among the lines at the beginning of the stave, it shows the name and pitch of the note on the line. This heat serves as a reference point by which the names of the notes on any type of other heat or space of the stave might be determined.


In the photo above, the top fifty percent of the present is the Treble clef, denoted with a


The bottom fifty percent is the base clef, denoted through a


As you have the right to see ~ above the treble clef a keep in mind on the bottom-most line is one E. (I am no counting notes outside of the clef lines for this challenge) ~ above the bass clef, the lowest line is a G.To complete this challenge, you should do the following:


Given an intake in one of the following forms (your choice), convert it come the the opposite clef. Even if it is it is the Treble or base clef have the right to be a Truthey/Falsey value in your language (not just any type of two values), e.g.

F# T orF# Trueor F# Treble

but not

F# -1orF# 4

Spaces and also capitalization room optional, Flats will certainly not appear, and trailing whitespace is not allowed.

Input intended OutputE Treble GF Treble AF# Treble A#G Treble BG# Treble CA Treble CA# Treble C#B Treble DC Treble EC# Treble FD Treble FD# Treble F#E Treble GF Treble AF# Treble A#G bass EG# bass FA base FA# bass F#B base GC bass AC# bass A#D bass BD# base CE bass CF base DF# bass D#G base EG# base FA base FA# bass F#Be forewarned, this is not a trivial continuous difference challenge. Look very closely at the inputs and also outputs. If you look at a piano,


the black secrets are sharps, denoted by #.

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Keep in mind that there is not an E# or a B#. This means that if girlfriend are offered G# ~ above the bass clef, rather of returning E#, you must return F