Gun: Colt Frontier Scout, "Q" series (second year that manufacture; note: the "Q" to be discontinued since it looked prefer a zero in the serial number)Caliber: .22 long RifleSerial No: 15XXXQManufactured: 1958 (second year that manufacture)Condition: 85 percent-NRA Very good (Modern total Standards)Value: $450 to $550 (Add $75 to $125 for original box and papers)Colt to be late acquiring out of the beginning gate in 1957 once it presented its Frontier Scout .22, a scaled-down version of its single Action Army. Ruger was currently in the lead through its Single-Six, which had actually been introduced in 1953. But, v the tv Western heat sweeping the country, Colt quickly caught up at a full gallop.

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Advertisements because that the Frontier Scout appeared months before the gun was out, spurring demand. "Here"s huge News!" the title proclaimed, "a .22 caliber variation of the world-famous single Action army … the same standard lines … basically the very same foolproof action, and though lighter … the same superb balance and feel." The advertisement also arourted the Scout"s "full formed" loading gate, a subtle dig at Ruger"s at an early stage flat door Single-Six. Moreover, the Frontier Scout to be a actual Colt, i beg your pardon made the the hands-down an option for western devotees and also fast-draw aficionados top top a budget; contrasted to the $57.50 price of the Single-Six, the Frontier reconnaissance was just $49.50.


Initially the Frontier enlightenment was offered with an aluminum alloy, die-cast frame and one-piece backstrap and trigger guard; the remainder of the gun was blued steel, a mix Colt referred to as "duo-tone finish." Grips were black-checkered composition. Walnut became an choice in 1958. Although the Frontier Scout"s 45⁄8" barrel provided it the illustration of a 5½"-barreled version P, inside the total was completely different. The simplified action used just two screws, and the firing pin was inset into the frame. V barrels make on Colt Python machinery, accuracy was superb.

Through the years many variations to be produced, i m sorry collectors categorize by serial number letter suffixes. The "Q" series encompassed the an initial two years, i beg your pardon then adjusted to a "P." an "F" series lasted till 1971, when the two-tone to be discontinued. The "K" series had a Zamak (zinc-aluminum) frame; the "P" series from 1962-1971 featured a chemical "blue" finish. A final "G" collection "Peacemaker" sported a case-colored frame. Commemoratives, dual-cylinder .22 Magnums, and also a 9½"-barreled Buntline to be made before the gun was discontinued in 1986.

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This 85-percent-condition 1958 Frontier Scout has a little crack top top the stock however minimal holster wear. The forward position of the trigger hints at part mechanical tweaking needed, but the bore is pristine and timing is perfect. It freshly sold in ~ a Lock, stock & Barrel on-line auction ( because that $450, yet the range for a pistol in this condition is $450 to $550.