Every now and then this difficulty appears ~ above Facebook, “name a shade without the letter ‘e’.” as if this is some type of super-hard challenge. It’s therefore tempting come dismiss it, but our brains an initial think that the basic colors that the ROY G BIV spectrum: Red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo, violet.

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Six the the seven colors that the spectrum have actually the letter ‘e.’ Yipes! and also can we really counting indigo? civilization aren’t like, “indigo! that course!”

But of course over there are more than 6 colors. And also that’s what irks me about this on facebook challenge. The subtly means that there space no much more colors than the large six.

Inevitably world on facebook comment back with colors such as pink and also brown. Some feisty human being might also list gray and black—much to the dispute if they are colors or not.

This challenge is together comment-bait. Of course, human being are going come prove their brains by listing various other colors. So once I saw this challenge reappear top top Facebook, i figured ns would finish it once and for every by listing all the colors the don’t have actually the letter e.

Wikipedia has a perform of 1,259 color names. Many of them room two words long, favor light green and rich maroon.

Many the the adjectives in two-word surname contain ‘e’:


But plenty of adjectives don’t incorporate ‘e’:


It didn’t it seems to be ~ as precise to include two word names, so i narrowed Wikipedia’s list under to include just one-word names. If you room curious, the the 1,259 color names (including one-word and also two-word names), there space 262 the don’t have actually the letter e.

Putting beside the two-word names, and also focusing top top the one-worders… There room 296 one-word names, of which 126 colors that carry out not contain the letter ‘e.” That’s right. End one hundred color names.

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If you ever see this an obstacle on Facebook, feel complimentary to respond v the 126 color names without the letter ‘e’:

Almond, Amaranth, Amazon, Apricot, Aqua, Asparagus, Auburn, Avocado, Bazaar, Black, Blond, Blush, Brass, Brown, Buff, Burgundy, Burlywood, Byzantium, Capri, Cardinal, Catawba, Charcoal, Cinnabar, Citron, Coconut, Coral, Cordovan, Corn, Cornsilk, Crimson, Cyan, Daffodil, Diamond, Dirt, Drab, Fallow, Fandango, Fawn, Flax, Flirt, Folly, Fuchsia, Fulvous, Gainsboro, Glaucous, Gold, Gray, Grizzly, Grullo, Inchworm, Indigo, Iris, Ivory, Jonquil, Khaki, Kobi, Kobicha, Lava, Lilac, Lion, Livid, Lust, Magnolia, Mahogany, Mandarin, Mantis, Marigold, Maroon, Midnight, Mindaro, Ming, Mint, Moccasin, Mustard, Mystic, Navy, Nyanza, Onyx, Orchid, Patriarch, Phlox, Pink, Pistachio, Platinum, Plum, Popstar, Pumpkin, Quartz, Rajah, Razzmatazz, Rhythm, Ruby, Ruddy, Rufous, Rust, Saffron, Salmon, Sand, Sandstorm, Sangria, Shadow, Shampoo, Sinopia, Smalt, Snow, Soap, Stizza, Stormcloud, Straw, Sunglow, Sunny, Sunray, Tan, Tomato, Toolbox, Topaz, Tulip, Tuscan, Tuscany, Urobilin, Vanilla, Viridian, Volt, Xanadu, and also Zomp.