Traditionally composed of copper and tin, copper is characteristically known for its dull gold colour. This steel is a beautiful addition to a house when supplied wisely. Just like copper, when supplied sparingly it can look classy and understated in the home.

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By method of one example, in a kitchen, a classic means to incorporate steels such as bronze is through tap fittings, sockets and also switches and lighting. Copper downlights add a ethereal touch of course without being overbearing.

Pictured: bronze LED Downlights, Fire Rated, Fixed, IP65, CCT Switch, High CRI, Dimmable

Bronze deserve to be an unified efficiently with a variety of different colours. Normally speaking, bronze is a perfect complement for white and ivory, this is known as a classic combination for weddings. Whilst neutrals pair the finest with this eye catching metal, it"s certainly not one to shy away from if you"re looking to combine darker colours right into your home.

What Colours walk Well with Bronze?

Bronze fixtures are absolutely not a one dimension fits all once it involves colour. Pair it v the wrong colour and also it can become an eye-sore. Pair it through the right colour and also it can totally transform the interiors of her home.

White & Ivory

As formerly mentioned, white and ivory room a complement made in sky for bronze, and a traditional colour plan that is commonly embraced for weddings.

This have the right to look beautiful in a kitchen an are where cabinetry is white, with bronze accents dotted throughout the kitchen, through handles, lighting and sockets and also switches.

However, neutrals together a entirety work very well with bronze. Alongside a pure white object, the underlying tones in bronze will certainly jump out. This is why it"s crucial to usage this metal sparingly.



Black & Charcoal

But friend don"t always need come play the safe... Be daring with darker hues such together black and charcoal and they will complement the metals glint for visual clout.

We room seeing more adoption of these darker colours in life room and office spaces because that a bold watch that have the right to be dressed up and finished come perfection with metals such together bronze. Commonly adopted through cabinetry handles and also decorative facets such together ornaments and vases.


It"s one of those, so wrong, yet so right combinations. Don"t punch it till you"ve do the efforts it! A blue-green shade, teal works wonderfully through bronze. Especially when interwoven through wallpapers.

The organgey hues the bronze occupational perfectly v both teal and brown together pictured below.


Image: Pinterest

Bronze & Brushed Brass

How around mixing metals? All architecture rules are thrown out of the home window when it comes down to this duo.

Mixing metals and finishes can be a fabulous enhancement to an interesting interior when done with tight precision. You need to only mix 2-3 varieties of metals and choose one leading metal type. This leading metal kind will probably already be in use throughout your house by means of lighting, switches or kitchen accessories.

Still no sure? You deserve to see the combination of this two metals in ours brand brand-new bronze and brushed brass selection of sockets and switches.

As you can see, the an outcome is a sumptuously rich, dark complete for a classic and elegant finish.

Dark Green

Dark eco-friendly is an additional colour top top the rise in popularity. Especially when supplied as a feature wall surface in a life or dining room.

Dark eco-friendly works seamlessly through bronze together the environment-friendly brings the end the subtle shine the the bronze. Mossy or forest green shades room highly preferable with bronze as they take their cue indigenous nature.


Bronze v reddish hues job-related perfectly with deep red colour such as burgundy.

Not as typically seen throughout house interiors, burgundy and bronze are depicted as a classic Christmas mix throughout decorations.

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Bronze deserve to make a home when mixed subtly and sparingly. Wondering just how you could additionally work copper into your home? take a look in ~ our what color go with copper blog for an ext inspiration.