Here is a funny glitch that you deserve to do wherein you deserve to hide all the names of Penguins on your screen. The a funny glitch yet probably not that useful and also it only appears this method for you.

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Follow these actions to carry out it. You must be a member and also you must have actually the portal box, which girlfriend buy from the box store at the eye forts.

If friend haven’t already, place your portal box in her igloo.Walk far from the portal box to the next of your igloo.Click once on the portal and also then easily click once on the modify igloo switch (the ice cream measure).You’ll go to package Dimension, but when you arrive, no one will have any kind of names!You deserve to use your map to travel everywhere on society Penguin and also no penguins will display their names.


Throw snowballs very FAST

Pick a spot wherein you would prefer to throw snowballs, then push ‘T’ climate left click on the spot you would prefer to throw a snowball. Repeat this fastly, over and also over again without relocating your mouse round and also round.

Stand top top top one more penguin

Hold under tab top top your key-board then push on a one more penguin.

Catch the big FISH in ice Fishing

Wait until the ice cream fishing game is virtually over, but make sure you still have one fish on her line there is no letting that escape, just organize on it until the huge fish (Mullet) come out. As soon as the huge fish come out, put the tiny fish you captured in former of the huge fish and now you’ve captured the large fish for a 50 coin bonus.

Flashing words

It is easy just say green commander of….. ~ that put anything you want and also walk around and also the words will certainly flash.

Make her puffle complete in everything

First give your puffle a bath climate feed her puffle, now it will certainly be complete in every category and also if you make her puffle beat with full in whatever it go cool tricks.

Puffle with No Name

When you buy a puffle in ~ the pet store and also are specify name it, pres the an are bar several times then click next.

Hockey Puck Glitch

Go come the ice cream Rink then wait because that the puck to stop relocating if it is. Press and hold the tab button. If holding the tab button, click on the puck. Then, click anywhere in the rink then your puck will certainly go there prior to you. Once you let go of the tab key, her penguin will certainly go over there to the spot wherein you clicked, after the puck has actually gone moving.


105 buddies

For friend to have 105 buddies, you’ll require to have actually 99 buddies or less. Click all of the world you want to be friends with, then wait 1 come 3 minutes for them to say yes. Walk to your mail and also click yes to accept all friend requests. Currently you will certainly have much more than 100 buddies.

Put wall surface items top top the floor

First walk to her inventory for her igloo and find a wall item dual click top top the wall surface item and also it will certainly be top top the floor. You have the right to only execute this as soon as or double in a while. As soon as you have done it as soon as or twice it bring away a while prior to you have the right to do it again.

Nubbing (walking under the chat bar)

Play club Penguin ~ above the SWF page then press F11 ~ above your key-board for your internet browser to it is in in full display screen mode. Push the white clues under the chat bar and you are now nubbing.


Stand on ice cream rink door

First go to the mountain click bunny hill however right before you obtain to it click your map. Now when it asks girlfriend if you want to sign up with the video game say yes. Wait about 5 seconds once you space IN THE GAME. Then walk to the ice rink. Organize down tap and press right above the ice cream rink door.

Wear different clothing other than what is on her player card

Click on your player card and also put noþeles you desire on. Now don’t click out of you player card yet, click on someone else’s player card and exit out of the penguin’s player card. Currently press on her player map again and also you will view that you space wearing different apparel other 보다 what are on her player card.

Walking with a newspaper

First, go to then go within the publication room and wait till somebody start a game. When it states if you want to play press yes, walk to the couch yes, really fast. Traction a player map to the left and make sure the mail switch is against the left screen, now click the newspaper and then send mail to anyone, climate dance. Now go come the town, climate go ago to the ar where you did the newspaper dance, you have to be walking with a record now.

Walk under club Penguin conversation bar

You have the right to walk behind the chat bar in part rooms of club Penguin. This isn’t yes, really all that huge of a cheat or glitch but it is a fun small trick come do. It functions in any room where you can walk to the side of the chat bar, prefer the coffee shop or the snow forts.

1. Go to a room wherein you can walk come the next of the conversation bar.2. Walk come either side of the conversation bar.3. Now click on the opposite side of the conversation bar and also you will walk behind it. Just your hat will stick out.

Friendship Bracelet

Go come the coffee shop and then go upstairs come the publication room. Open up the bookshelf and also click ~ above the publication called Rockhopper and also the Stowaway. Flip to the back up the book and also click top top the friendship bracelet to get it.Walk approximately room while playing a multi-player game

This is just one of those club Penguin cheats that is funny to present off to friends. You can walk about the room while playing one of the multi-player games like Mancala or uncover Four.

1. Go and Play one of two people mancala or find four.2. If playing, click and also open Penguin Mail.3. Climate close Penguin Mail.4. Click anywhere around the room and also you will be able to walk approximately the room, while play the game.

Read the Newspaper there is no logging in

You can read the Penguin times newspaper there is no logging in to society Penguin if you form the URL directly to the SWF record into your browser. It will look prefer this:

Just replace the number at the finish with the correct day for the newspaper. The very first four number (2008) are the year. The following two digits (09) are the month and also the last two digits (04) are the day. Replace those digits through the day for the many recent Thursday, i beg your pardon is the day of the week the the newspaper is published.Wave very Fast


~ above your keyboard several time in a row to tide fast.Throw rapid Snow Balls

Throw quick snow balls by pressing T and then clicking your mouse button an extremely quickly. Store repeating the cycle. Press T and click over and also over again and your penguin will go hyper through snowballs.Empty Message

Make an north chat post by pressing the space bar and also then pushing the get in key.

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Skip Astro obstacle Levels

You have the right to skip ahead level in Astro Barrier. Just press 1, 2, or 3 appropriate after you click the start button and you will begin at level 10, 20, or 30.Astro obstacle Expert Levels

To go into the expert level, wait 30 seconds in between level 30 and also 31. Then shoot the blue ship the appears.Speed increase the Game

If the server you room on is too crowded, slow or has a the majority of lag, or if you’re simply on a really old computer, you deserve to click the + or – crucial to speed it up. This lowers the resolution that the game. The graphics will look yes, really bad, but everything will relocate faster.Rockhopper’s Key

Go to the Coffee shop and then go upstairs to the publication Room. Open up up the publication shelf and click top top the newspaper of Captain Rockhopper. Walk to the earlier of the book, and you will uncover the key.Make Aqua Grabber Easy

When playing Aqua Grabber, carry a pink puffle v you. If you operation out the air throughout the game, the will offer you a bubble to fill up your air.Pizza Tron 3000 secret Dessert Level

To get in the secret dessert level, click on the level that is uncovered at the begin menu. All of the normal toppings will be replaced with liquid toppings.Walk ~ above Water

There are a couple of spots in the game where her penguin have the right to walk top top water. One of them is the Iceberg, right beside the Aqua Grabber Sub. The various other is near the wood dock in ~ the beach.