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The Myrtle beach Train Depot is listed on the nationwide Register of historical Places. Built in 1937, the Depot was revived andre-opened in 2004 and is accessible for events and gatherings. The original ribbon-cutting ceremony because that the Myrtle beach Train Depot was may 6, 1937, the year prior to Myrtle beach officially ended up being a town. Atlantic coast Railroad and also The Chapin agency jointly developed the Depot to administer a much-needed transportationlink between the mainland and the beach. Although based upon ACL’s standard station design, structural enhancements provided the depot some Mediterranean attributes that reflected the local design of the day.

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For the following three decades, the Depot offered as the city’s task hub, welcoming passenger trains full of vacationing families and also boxcars full of supplies and building materials. In 1967, v train travel waning, Atlantic shore Railroad sold the Depot and also 1.25 acres to a beverage distributor, which built offices and warehouses top top the site. These new buildings clogged the watch of the Depot from key roads. The agency also removed an exterior freight dock indigenous the Depot and also replaced it with an attached two-bay maintenance garage for trucks. The remainder that the building was supplied for storage and also warehousing.

In 1999, the building owner chose to relocate the distributorship, and the Depot home was put on the market. After several months v no viable offers, the owner to be advised the the property could sell more quickly together vacant land. As soon as word spread out that a demolition permit had actually been asked for for the Depot, a windy outcry occurred to save among Myrtle Beach’s couple of remaining historic buildings. In ~ first, the city functioned with the owner to relocate the historic Depot come a new site, but the city at some point purchased the building and land outright because that $750,000.THE reconstruction PROJECTWith the Depot safe from the wrecking ball, the city developed the Myrtle Beach all Aboard Committee and also charged it with restoring the building and also listing that on the nationwide Register of historical Places. This volunteer group also was responsible for elevating the money to accomplish those goals. Throughout the next 4 years, the committee raised more than $650,000 in grants and also private donations to restore the structure and improve the website with parking facilities, lighting and also landscaping. Fund-raising projects included the revenue of engraved pavers, range models, t-shirts and also limited-edition watercolor prints. Carolina southerly Railroad also provided two sets of train rides from the Depot come raise money, and also both to be sellouts.


Because the added-on maintenance garage rendered the Depot ineligible because that the NationalRegister, the committee functioned with the S.C. Room of Archives and history to build demolition plans for the addition. Research via the Caroliniana Library at USC detailed photographic evidence of the Depot’s original appearance. In 2001, the garage was properly removed, and, ~ above July 22, 2002, the Myrtle coast Train Depot was put on the nationwide Register of historical Places.

Even through this success, the task was far from complete. During the next two years, the committee and also volunteer architect Dale Gilliland operated to do the structure habitable, there is no compromising its historical integrity. Using money increased by the committee, the city rental a contractor to restore the Depot to its initial appearance and also function. The project contained restoring wooden and concrete flooring, and the original trim, ceiling boards and beams. The roof was replaced, in addition to the loading docks and exterior windows. Great pains were taken to match new materials through the ideal historic ones. The work also included a heating and also air conditioning system, in addition to modernized plumbing and also electrical services, in maintaining with guidelines native the national Register.

Finally, on might 6, 2004, the all Aboard Committee reduced the ribbon on the newly revitalized Myrtle beach Train Depot, 67 years to the day after the initial opening ceremonies. An ext than 200 people involved celebrate the restoration and rebirth of one of Myrtle Beach’s more quickly landmarks. In 2005, the Myrtle coast Train Depot received the south Carolina historical Preservation respect Award from the S.C. Department of Archives and History.

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THE community EFFORTThe newly restored Depot is in the love of Myrtle Beach, giving an energetic link come the city’s past and also a focal allude for the future. Members the the all Aboard Committee are rightfully proud that the function they play in keeping the historical structure. Their initiatives were straight responsible for having actually the Depot detailed on the nationwide Register and also raising the money to maintain the building’s character and also charm. The committee’s determination and also ultimate success have cultivated a can-do attitude toward various other preservation projects.Today, the Depot serves together a publicly facility because that meetings, committees, receptions, activities and parties. The city operates the building and makes it obtainable to groups for a in the name fee. Everyone that enters the an excellent hall, with its exposed hardwood trusses, plank flooring, brick walls and also sliding freight doors, is reminded the the glory days of train travel. The Depot and its adjacent railroad monitor were an important players in Myrtle Beach’s early days. Restoring the Depot not only maintained that background for future generations, but also gave the neighborhood a job to share and also a beautiful structure to use and enjoy.

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