Cape might is one island in ~ the southernmost allude of new Jersey available by among two bridges the cross the canal linking the Delaware Bay come the Atlantic Ocean. Most human being drive to Cape May, yet you can additionally reach united state by plane, ferry, windy transportation, or private boat.

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Driving to Cape May

Most human being drive come Cape May. If you don"t psychic a couple of hours in the car, this is the easiest means to with us. We"re located at the southern end of the Garden State Parkway.

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From Philadelphia

Total driving time: 1.5 to 2 hours, relying on traffic

If you are traveling from Philadelphia, take either the Walt Whitman or the Ben Franklin bridge to I-676 S. Monitor the indications to RT-42 S and also Atlantic City Expressway. As soon as on the Expressway, acquire off at departure 7S to the Garden State Parkway. Follow the parkway till it ends and you"re in Cape May!

From brand-new York

Total driving time: 3.5 come 4 hours, depending on traffic

If you room coming from brand-new York, there space three methods to acquire to Cape May. Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel or George Washington Bridge. As soon as you"ve made it through or over among the aforementioned, monitor the signs to the new Jersey Turnpike South. Indigenous the Turnpike, acquire off at departure 11 and also continue come the Garden State Parkway heading south. Follow the Parkway till it ends.

From Baltimore

Total steering time: 3 hours from Baltimore, depending on traffic

If you room coming native Baltimore & southerly locations, you might want to take into consideration the Cape May-Lewes Ferry (see below). Otherwise, take it 95 North and also cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Take the leg to route 40 East. Follow course 40 to path 55 South. Take course 55 come its end, which is at course 47 South. Proceed along path 47 south toward the Garden State Parkway. Take the southbound GSP (there is a toll) until its end.

Travel Tip: If website traffic is donate up across the main bridge, try the alternative. The West Cape might bridge leads right into (what else!) West Cape May. This bridge is most generally used as soon as coming into town by way of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. However to acquire to the leg from the finish of the Garden State Parkway, walk North on course 109 (a ideal turn). Monitor 109 (or the signs to the ferry) around a jug handle. At the very first light (Route 626 - Seashore Road) revolve left and also drive straight throughout the canal right into West Cape May. This road becomes "Broadway" and terminates in ~ the Atlantic s in Cape may City.

Learn more about parking, meters, cycle rentals, and getting roughly Cape May.

Parking & obtaining Around

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Flying into Cape May

For most travelers, the closest significant airport to Cape might is the Philadelphia global Airport, around two hrs away by car, or the Atlantic City international Airport, 45 minutes away. In both cases, us recommend renting a car.

Philadelphia worldwide Airport (PHL)

Time from Philadelphia: Approx. 1 hour 40 minute by car

For many travelers, the closest major airport is the Philadelphia worldwide Airport. It is simple drive native Philadelphia come Cape might which takes just under two hours. Native there, you re welcome follow the driving direction to Cape May.

Atlantic City international Airport (ACY)

Time indigenous Atlantic City: Approx. 45 minute by car

Atlantic City worldwide Airport is 45 minutes north of Cape May. Currently, only Spirit airlines flies right into Atlantic City.

Rental cars, taxis, and also shuttles run out of Atlantic City. If you need an alternate kind of transportation into Cape May, you have the right to take a taxi or a spaceship to the NJ Transit Bus station in Atlantic City.Buses operation from this station straight into Cape May. Visit for an ext information.

Cape may County plane (WWD)

Time indigenous Cape may airport: 10 minute by car

The the next airport to Cape may is the Cape may County Airport. You deserve to fly into the Cape may County airplane if you have actually your own little plane or accessibility to a this firm jet.

1108 Lexington path Erma, NJ 08242 609-886-8652


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Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Time indigenous Ferry Terminal to Cape May: 10 minute by car

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry is a great option for vehicle drivers coming from the South. The ferry will take girlfriend from Lewes, Delaware (17 mile or so) over the Delaware bay to phibìc Cape May. From phibìc Cape May, you are only a 5 minute drive right into Cape May. The ferry cross takes approximately 80 minutes to overcome the Delaware Bay. This is another good option because that foot passengers or day trippers who want to leaving their vehicle behind. There space shuttles top top the Cape may side the the ferry terminal to take you into Cape May.

Shuttle details Rates and also tickets

Travel Tip: If you take the ferry throughout to Lewes, Delaware and points south, enable yourself 20 minute to gain to the ferry dock native the facility of Cape May. You must cross a bridge and also traffic can develop up easily.


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Public Transportation

Is there a bus the runs directly into Cape May? Yes. NJ Transit buses pertained to Cape may from Philadelphia, new York, and several areas within brand-new Jersey.

On the NJ Transit site, choose "Cape may Bus Terminal" as your destination. Bus courses to Cape may arrive in ~ the Cape may Welcome Center, situated within walking distance to B&Bs, restaurants, and also shops.

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Depending on your departure date and beginning point, NJ Transit"s website will recommend an itinerary.

NJ Transit coast Travel details NJ Transit website

Travel Tip: In some cases, such as coming from new York City, friend will should use a mix of public transportation, consisting of subway trains. The NJ Transit website will aid you develop a complete itinerary or you can contact their customer service line in ~ 1-973-275-5555 for aid with schedules and fares.

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Private Boats

Cape may is a well-known vacation spot for boaters, and also numerous marinas here make her visit enjoyable whether you"re simply passing through or planning an extended visit. Our full-service marinas the provide very first class service, market transient dockage because that the visiting boater, and also are a brief cab or cycle ride come downtown Cape May.

The Cape might Inlet Sea Buoy leader to the entrance of Cape may Inlet and is house to a large commercial fishing fleet. The inlet is large and deep with long jetties on each side enabling these advertising vessels and also pleasure craft to pass side by next safely. Cape might is residence to the unified States coast Guard maintain Center. As soon as inside the harbor, there"s a no-wake zone that is strict enforced.

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