As it says it may mean finding something or someone tough to understand but why it"s dubbed smelling the color 9?

What"s the beginning of this saying?

A descriptive details will be extremely appreciated.



Since the number 9 has actually no intrinsic colour, and also colours have actually no intrinsic smell, the expression "smelling the color 9" is a classification error. In various other words, the will conveyed is that the expression is not basic (or it is impossible) come understand. Over there is a problem called synesthesia, yet it is no a good fit in this context.

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The simile draws the parallel to knowledge someone, for this reason the sentence method that the speaker doesn"t know the human being he or she is speak to.


Christian musician chris Rice created a song (and album) entitled "Smell the color 9". I"m not sure if that was just meant to be a silly song, or if the actually had some underlying (most most likely Christian spiritual) meaning. You can google the lyrics and try to figure that out. But yeah, I"m pretty certain that"s whereby the expression "Smell the shade 9" originated.


The number nine is often assiciated v eternity. Check out infinity of 9 ~ above u-tube. Could be kris Rice is only giving attention to behavior in irradiate of person arrogance.


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