Steering problem1995 Chevy S-10 6 cyl two Wheel journey Automatic action by step exactly how do you eliminate the strength steering pump to change with a brand-new pump

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removed & INSTALLATIONSee figures 2, 3 and 41. Place a fluid catch pan under the power steering pump. 2. Disconnect the feed and also return hoses from the power steering pump, then drain the excess fluid into the catch pan. Top top models equipped through a remote liquid reservoir, disconnect and plug the hose(s) in order to prevent system contamination or excessive fluid loss. 3. Remove the drive belt indigenous the pulley. 4. Install a puller device such as J-25034, or indistinguishable onto the strength steering pump pulley. While holding the pilot bolt, revolve the tool nut counterclockwise in order to push the drive wheel from the pump. As soon as installing the puller device onto the strength steering pump pulley, be certain that the pilot bolt bottom in the pump column by turning the head the the pilot bolt. 5. On most models, it might be necessary to unplug the electrical link from the A/C compressor, unfasten the compressor mounting bolts and collection the compressor come one next without disconnecting the lines. 6. If equipped, unfasten the power steering filler tube bolt and also remove the filler tube. 7. Remove the behind brace retainers and the brace. 8. Remove the strength steering pump-to-bracket bolts and then remove the pump native the vehicle. Come install:9. Position the pump to the vehicle and also secure making use of the former retaining bolts come 22 ft. Lbs. (30 Nm) 2.2L engines. (50 Nm). ~ above 4.3L engines tighten the bolts to 37 ft. Lbs. (50 Nm). 10. If equipped, download the behind brace and tighten the retainers come 22 ft. Lbs. (30 Nm) on 1994-98 2.2L engines. Top top 1999 2.2L engines, tighten the brace retainers to 37 ft. Lbs. ~ above 1994 4.3L models tighten the retainers come 24 ft. Lbs. (33 Nm). On 1995-99 4.3L models, tighten the retainers to 31 ft. Lbs. (41 Nm). 11. If removed, install the A/C compressor. 12. If removed, install the filler tube and also its retainer. Tighten the retainer to 15 ft. Lbs. (20 Nm). 13. Use a sheave installer such as J-25033 or tantamount to push the drive pulley-block onto the power steering pump. If holding the pilot bolt, turn the device nut clockwise in order to press the drive sheave onto the pump. Examine that the pulley-block is do the washing up within 0.010 in. (0.25mm) that the pillar end. As soon as positioning the installer tool onto the power steering pump pulley, be certain that the pilot bolt bottom in the pump tower by transforming the head that the pilot bolt. 14. Properly install the journey belt and, if applicable, change the tension. Be sure to secure any hoses i beg your pardon may acquire in the means or rub other components. 15. Eliminate the caps, then attach the feed and also return hoses to the pump. 16. Effectively refill and bleed the strength steering system. 17. Test journey the vehicle. system BLEEDING1994 Models1. Add fluid to the reservoir till the appropriate level is reached, then enable the liquid to settle for at the very least 2 minutes. Start the engine and also let it operation for a couple of seconds, then turn it off and check if the level has actually changed. Repeat this till the level stays constant. 2. Raise and also support the front of the car safely utilizing jackstands under the frame to the wheel are totally free to turn. 3. Start and also run the engine, then progressively turn the wheels in both directions (lightly hitting the stops) several times. 4. Stop the engine and check the fluid level. If necessary, include power steering liquid to obtain the level indicated on the reservoir. Maintain the liquid level just over the interior pump casting. Fluid with waiting in the will have a light tan or milky appearance. This air need to be removed from the fluid before normal steering activity can be obtained. 5. Remove the jackstands and carefully reduced the vehicle. 6. Start and also run the engine while turning the wheel slowly from protect against to stop. 7. Avoid the engine and check the fluid level. If necessary, include fluid in bespeak to attain the appropriate indicated level. 8. If the fluid is incredibly foamy, allow the automobile to was standing for a few minutes, climate repeat the procedure with this step. 9. Roadway test the auto to make certain the steering features normally and also is complimentary from noise. 10. Enable the auto to was standing for 2-3 hours, climate recheck the power steering fluid. 1995-98 Models1. Turn the ignition OFF, then rotate the wheel to the full left position. 2. Fill the reservoir to the full COLD level and also leave the cap off. 3. Progressive the prior of the vehicle and also support it v jackstands. 4. Through the ignition quiet in the turn off position, revolve the wheel lock-to-lock at least 20 time (on models with long return lines execute this procedure at the very least 40 times). 5. Ensure the the liquid level stays at the full COLD position. And that over there is no spilled liquid or air bubbles that might indicate a loosened connection or leaking O-ring seal. 6. Rotate the ignition ON and with the engine idling inspect the fluid level. If the level is correct download the cap. 7. Return the wheels to the center position and also lower the vehicle. 8. With the engine tho running revolve the wheel from side-to-side. If there is a smooth, noiseless and also leak totally free operation the procedure is complete. 9. If over there is a problem, inspect that the fluid is free of bubbles and that the O-rings and also clamps room in good condition. If not change the worn or damaged part(s) and repeat the bleeding procedure. 1999 ModelsSee number 5A Mity Vac and also power steering bleeder adapter J 43485 are compelled to carry out the bleeding procedure.Make sure none the the strength steering hoses are touching any part of the vehicle and that all connections are tight. 1. Eliminate the strength steering pump reservoir cap. 2. Fill the reservoir come the full COLD level and leave the cap off. 3. Attach the bleeder adapter come the Mity Vac, then position the adapter to the reservoir cap opening. 4. Use 20 in. Hg. (67 kPa) and also wait five minutes. The common vacuum drop over this time duration is 2-3 in. Hg. (6-10 k Pa). 5. If there is a bigger vacuum drop, do the adhering to procedure: A. Disconnect the pressure and also return hoses indigenous the pump. B. Install the 2 plugs that were offered with the bleeder adapter kit right into the hose ports on the pump. C. Apply 20 in. Hg. (67 kPa) and also wait 5 minutes. If the vacuum drops again, fix or replace the pump. 6. Remove the adapter and also reinstall the reservoir cap. 7. Begin the engine and permit it come idle, then turn the engine off and also check the liquid level. 8. If the fluid level is low, lug it come the ideal level and also repeat actions 3 through 6 till the fluid level stabilizes. 9. Begin the engine and enable it come idle. Carry out not turn the steering wheel lock-to-lock. 10. Revolve the steering wheel 180-360 levels in both directions 5 times. 11. Turn the engine off and check the liquid level. 12. Eliminate the power steering pump reservoir cap. 13. Attach the bleeder adapter to the Mity Vac, then position the adapter come the reservoir lid opening. 14. Apply 20 in. Hg. (67 kPa) of vacuum and also wait 5 minutes. 15. Make certain the liquid level is correct and also reinstall the reservoir cap. Fig. Fig. 5: connect the bleeder adapter and Mity vac to the power steering pump as shown and apply 20 in.

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Hg. (67 kPa) vacuum