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Littlefoot and Spike would have actually lived during the late Jurassic period, while countless of the rather would have actually actually lived numerous years later during the late Cretaceous period. Universal pictures

"The Land prior to Time" attributes a actors of commonly recognizable dinosaurs, including a Triceratops ("Three-Horn") called Cera, an Apatosaurus ("Longneck") named Littlefoot, a Stegosaurus ("Spiketail") named Spike, a Saurolophus ("Big Mouth") named Ducky, and a Pteranodon ("Flyer") called Petrie.

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While the diversity of your group provided them an benefit when it came to reaching taller heights or muscling through obstacles, man Hutchinson, a professor of evolution Biomechanics at the college of London"s imperial Veterinary College, told that it wouldn"t have actually been possible for these different types to have all live at throughout the exact same time period.

Littlefoot and Spike would have actually lived during the late Jurassic period, which spanned from approximately 165 to 145 million years ago, while countless of the others would have actually lived throughout the late Cretaceous period, which extended from around 100 come 66 million year ago. These so late Cretaceous dinosaurs would have contained Cera, Ducky, T-Rex, and Petrie — even though Petrie is technically no a dinosaur.

To placed that into context, modern humans have only exist for roughly 300,000 years, for this reason grasping the vastness of such deep geologic time can be mind-boggling, but Hutchinson told to get a far better idea of the scale you have the right to imagine it like this: "There"s an ext time in between them climate there is between T-Rex and us."


"We understand now the Sauropods (including Apatosauruses) were not good parents," Hutchinson said. The Land before Time / Universal pictures

Littlefoot"s relationship with his mommy is one more driving facet of the movie that experts say was likely unrealistic.

The love relationship in between Littlefoot and his mommy is apparent during the very first scenes of the movie once his mom gently explains the good Valley come Littlefoot and the young dinosaur burrows right into her come sleep ~ above their long journey. As soon as Littlefoot"s mother dies after protecting him from a "Sharp Tooth" or Tyrannosaurus rex, it"s heartbreaking offered their earlier bond. Littlefoot mourns his mother but holds her storage close together a overview for the remainder of the film.

While this connection was crucial for the emotional advance of the film, Hutchinson states that in reality, Apatosauruses were probably really bad parents.

"We understand now that Sauropods to be not great parents," Hutchinson said. "They just hidden their nests, exit them and the babies would certainly hatch on their own and be pretty able to fend because that themselves appropriate away. It to be a challenging life being a Littlefoot in reality."


"There is no specific record that a an excellent famine or various other environmental catastrophes in the late Cretaceous that would reason a large migration like that viewed in "The Land before Time,"" Cullen wrote. De Agostuni picture Library / Getty pictures

Apart from the banter and hijinks the Littlefoot"s rag-tag group of friends, one more ever-present properties of "The Land before Time" is the soil itself. Finish with dramatic, literally soil parting, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and also softly fall ash, the see of what is most likely North America has a to mark similarity to the of an ecological apocalypse. The scarcity that result from this fictional problems is what drives Littlefoot and also his friends toward the an excellent Valley.

But cutting board Cullen, a paleontologist and postdoctoral research scientist in ~ the ar Museum of natural History, said by email that there doesn"t show up to be any record that an environmental disaster choose this acquisition place during the movie"s probable time frame.

"There is no certain record that a great famine or various other environmental disasters in the so late Cretaceous the would reason a huge migration choose that checked out in "The Land prior to Time,"" Cullen wrote.

Hutchinson likewise says the the tar pit the protagonists end up being stuck in later in the movie would have actually been "basically non-existent" in the landscape together well, coming into existence much later instead.

The cute friendships in the film space not totally inaccurate since dinosaurs were social creatures

Despite the scientific missteps in the film, there are also a few key elements that it got right, Hutchinson told Specifically when it comes to our modern image of dinosaurs.

An essential accuracy of the film, and also one that was modern to palaeontological research in the 1980s, was the relenten of dinosaurs together social animals and also not just violent lizards.

"They acquired some details more right than previous depictions had," stated Hutchinson. " that dinosaurs were not simply big, dumb reptiles, yet advanced, sophisticated animals — i beg your pardon is true."

Ultimately, "The Land prior to Time" was among the first films to current dinosaurs as complex and intelligent


an important accuracy of the film, and one the was modern to palaeontological research in the 1980s, to be the depiction of dinosaurs together social animals and not simply violent lizards. The Land prior to Time / Universal pictures

Hutchinson also says that the film, which came out before "Jurassic Park," was one of the an initial examples the dinosaurs being depicted not in the classical style of "Fantasia" (1940), however instead v a more contemporary understanding, much of i beg your pardon still forms our imagination of dinosaurs today.

"I think the the movie bridges the gap between "Fantasia" and also "Jurassic Park,"" stated Hutchinson. "I think that it introduced human being to that new way of looking in ~ dinosaurs and thinking around them much less as screaming horrors that have the right to only it is in fought. Instead, the dinosaurs in the movie, generally speaking, are intelligent and also social and behaving in methods most movies hadn"t displayed them before. I think the general public latched onto that and also could empathize through dinosaurs more."

And, in spite of its fumbles along the way, Cullen echoed Hutchinson and told the the film was influential in his career together a paleontologist.

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"I tho think the movie is good overall, even if the isn"t perfectly accurate, and also I absolutely remember being affected by it together a young child," the said.