Every tune From The Princess Diaries, Ranked The Princess Diaries had actually some standard songs within its soundtrack. Here is every song ranked, by exactly how much the a bop it is.

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The Princess Diaries is a timeless story because that every generation that Disney fans. Based on Meg Cabot"s book and also characters, the movies space an institution. Really hopes of a third one have actually not however been fulfilled, however there room still 2 wonderful tales to treasure.

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The an initial movie is busting in ~ the seams with an excellent music. A pair of the best songs in the movie didn"t make the soundtrack, and a pair of song that are barely noticeable did. The crucial score in itself is outstanding, but the license is granted music hold an equal amount of emotion for The Princess Diaries. Here room the important songs used in the course of the movie, ranked in increasing order of sentimental value and also memory.

This is not among the most memorable songs from The Princess Diaries. Melissa Lefton"s chorus is upbeat, though: "I love life, life loves me. Every little thing in the civilization makes me happy." The quick lyric comes in once Mia and her mother are cram darts at balloons filled with paint. That does seem to be a quite happy moment for the mother and daughter.

14 split Personality (P!nk)

as soon as Josh Bryant is questioning Mia to walk to the Baker coast Party, she gets some prophetic words from P!nk: "Tell me why can"t I just reach up and simply touch the sky, call me why can"t I spread out my arms and also fly and fly and fly, tell me why can"t i say this, why can"t I perform that, tell me what execute they want from me, tell me exactly how to act." Mia has lots of feelings going on in this scene.

This BBMak song quickly follows the P!nk track together Mia tells Michael the Josh asked her to the party. She words are like a punch to Michael"s gut, and also the words that accompany his woe are, "Too numerous feelings, emotions running away with me." The damage is no irreparable, yet Michael is absolutely hurt through Mia"s decisions and also needs some time to acquire over the pain.

12 little Bitty pretty One (Aaron Carter)

as soon as Mia needs to whip out the pantyhose to acquire ready because that princess lessons, Joseph closes up the limo divider, and also the lift music is Aaron Carter"s "Little Bitty quite One." The bop is a trip ago to a much easier time because that those who listened come Aaron"s initial works. It"s a fun song to pair v Mia"s frantic primping, too.

"He fixes cars, he plays the guitar, and also he can sing. That is therefore hot!" Michael Moscovitz, play by Robert Schwartzman, i do not care the heartthrob when he is jamming out on the key-board at doctor Motors.

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The song the band rocks out to is insanely good, and it"s a genuine song by the tape Rooney, which is actually Robert Schwartzman"s real band. Rooney has actually been contrasted to the brother Invasion format of rock, and also it"s nice cool the their song has a place forever in The Princess Diaries.

10 Ain"t Nuthin" but a She thing (Lil" J featuring Nobody"s Angel and also Tammie Phoenix)

~ the state dinner go south, Mia and Grandma Clarisse let turn off a small steam. This is a key time because that the two of them. Clarisse is the one who argues clearing the schedule to have actually fun. She desires Mia to present her mountain Francisco, and Mia takes her for a rotate in her "baby," the Mustang convertible. "Ain"t Nuthin" but a She Thing" blares together they drive throughout the gold Gate Bridge. The hip-hop collab from usually defunct artists is a hard relic of 2001 popular music culture.

right after Mia apologizes to her grandmother, Grandma Clarisse tells her, "Mia, girlfriend are an initial and foremost my granddaughter." This puts part pep in Mia"s step as she gets herself together for the cool Ball. The pop tune by B*Witched echoes Mia"s decision to keep holding on. She has operated so hard and has made part strides as a person. Now it"s time to gain herself to the ball.

8 Stupid Cupid (Mandy Moore)

Mandy Moore, together Lana, sings this small ditty on the beach v her sidekicks, Anna and also Fontana. The song kicks off the Baker coast Party and represents the normalcy prior to the storm of fame the is taking over Mia"s life. The initial song was sung by Connie Francis in 1958. "Hey, hey, set me free. Stupid Cupid, stop picking on me."

"Crush" proficient popularity together a teenager love song after this film. Mia and Josh"s sluggish dance is interrupted by a paparazzi helicopter that is after ~ Princess Mia. Erik von Detten is suave as Josh the high college hottie, yet he betrays Mia by relocating in because that a smooch on objective in former of the cameras.

6 What renders You different (Backstreet Boys)

~ the Baker coast fiasco, Mia resolves to perform the ideal thing and also talk points out through Lilly, who she go out off to go to the party. The Backstreet Boys" "What provides You Different" plays together the shoot transitions indigenous the tabloid headlines come the basketball court and bleachers wherein Mia and Lilly talk. The beautiful track comes earlier in the close up door credits.

Mia dreams around "soft kisses ~ above a summer"s day" v her crush, josh (while he is in reality kissing Mia"s nemesis, Lana). The song is a ethereal inclusion the a 1960s duo, Chad & Jeremy. Mia"s daydream is dashed as soon as Lily says, "What? Haven"t you ever seen two idiots exchange saliva before?" Mia fantasizes through the tune again afterwards in PE as soon as Josh speak to her.

4 The trip (Mpulz)

Mia runs out of her conflict disaster come a fitting track by Mpulz. "You"ll gain your wing at the best time, even birds have to learn how to fly, friend gotta relocate on native what"s breaking you heart, Don"t let your life happen you by."

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This is a little preview of what Mia will certainly go v on her way to living together royalty. This movie is hefty on the "bird acquisition flight" imagery.

Who could forget the Perry Como standard that Mia sings in music class? "Catch a fall star and also put that in her pocket, never ever let that fade away." Michael is the accompanist and looks increase from his keys to rigid at Mia together she sings v the choir. "Catch a fallout’s Star" continues as a segue to Mia"s an initial official meeting through Queen Clarisse, her grandmother. Mia sings the tune again as soon as she is drenched and stuck in she convertible before the cool Ball, but Joe conserves the day v the limo.

2 Supergirl (Krystal)

"Supergirl" opens up the action of the movie, and the track was a huge deal when The Princess Diaries came out. There was an epos music video of the Krystal song featuring exhilaration from ann Hathaway. "I"m Supergirl, and also I"m right here to save the world, and I wanna know, Who"s gonna conserve me?" The tune is still inspiring and also makes you want to sing along.

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Finally, the track that make the movie. Mia"s whole life is now about miracles happening. The movie has come to be so acquainted that it"s simple to forget how crazy she ride in Princess land was. Michael and Mia dance the night away, execute the robot, and also share a kiss. The artist that the song, Myra, deserve to now provide Mia a brand-new message: "I don"t need wings to help me fly. Miracles take place once in awhile, if you believe."

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