Captain Planet and also the Planeteers is an American man environmentalist tv program produced by Ted Turner and also Barbara Pyle. The collection was created by Turner program Services and also DiC computer animation City and it was broadcast on TBS native September 15, 1990, come December 5, 1992. Captain Planet and the Robots that Zarm (self.captainplanet) it is registered 9 months earlier by hassanselim0 therefore there was this impressive flash/shockwave game on Cartoon Network"s civicpride-kusatsu.netsite in the at an early stage 2000s.

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Add This video game to her Site: Captain planet and the robots the Zarm connect to The Game: Captain planet and the robots that Zarm.

So there was this exceptional flash/shockwave video game on Cartoon Network"s civicpride-kusatsu.netsite in the beforehand 2000s. It to be a an extremely strategic game with a terrain comprised of tiles, each tile has actually a type, every planeteer regains health and ring power once he procedures on one of two brick types, and has a basic attack as well as two special attacks (except heart has a third which calls Captain Planet). It took me hrs of scouring the save (Wayback Machine) to find a web page which i then had to look into its source to uncover the relative connect of the dcr (shockwave) file, download it and also Adobe Shockwave for IE and also opened the paper in IE. I was finally able come play the game but it had actually severe visual glitches (was playing largely from memory:D). I likewise couldn"t zoom with the browser, had to usage the magnifier access tool in windows. The question to friend guys, go anybody regulate to find a version that functions better? and does anybody know any similar game?

I personally don"t recognize what that genre is, it"s driving me crazy. If ns had totally free time ns would"ve occurred a clone v Unity! I"ve uploaded the DCR (shockwave) paper here: (I know the paper will disappear eventually, if you understand a much better place to hold it call me). But first you"ll have to install Adobe Shockwave (previously known as Macromedia Shockwave:D) native here: You need to install the one because that IE (I think complete not slim), since all various other browsers have stopped aboriginal plugins. After the you can open the DCR document with ie itself.

The video game will it is in tiny and browser zooming no work, you"ll have to press Win+Plus (the equal/plus key) come zoom v windows" magnifier tool. Have fun:D Edit: here is a the the DCR document • • • • •.

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