Goo unable to do users have actually a knack at finding themselves in literal sticky situations. Some scenarios space truly unique; like once our customers asked around using Goo unable to do on a cool piano (yes), underwear (yes, yet wash castle afterwards) and a parrot (it’s complicated). This calls are good and we’re happy to help, please store calling united state 855-364-8135.

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Still, we want to assist answer several of the most typical questions us get. We’ve compiled a master list the Goo’s and Surfaces to answer “Can I usage Goo gone on this?” use this list to find your answer and also to find inspiration because that cleaning much more sticky messes in your life. If you can’t discover your answer here call us and also we’ll get you the answer girlfriend need.

How to usage this List


First, this list just refers come our Original commodities which look like the picture above. Visit the product information pages come learn an ext about Goo Gone initial Pour Bottle and also Goo gone Spray Gel.We have actually a entirety line of commodities you should check out, yet don’t usage this list to discover out if your Grout Cleaner works on granite.

The lists space sorted alphabetically, but some things use their general terms. For example, the grand piano example above is answer under "Wood".

The easiest means to discover what you’re searching for is making use of the “Find” role in your browser. You can discover it in the menu of the web browser you’re using right now or by hitting Ctrl-F or Cmd-F.

Remember the mantra the Goo Gone:

Test on an Inconspicuous Area First

Start through a test, make certain it’s working then tackle the whole of your sticky mess after you recognize it’s safe.

Can I usage Goo gone On This Goo?

Yes, that"s our totality deal

Baked-On Grease

Yes, however our Kitchen Degreaser is a much better tool for the job.

Bird Droppings

Yes, but still gross

Bugs (love bugs, gnats, flies, etc)



Yes, but we"d recommend our Caulk Remover



Dog snot

Yes, say hi to her runny nose dog for us














Yes. Our Clean-Up Wipes work ideal on long-term marker.

Mouse trap Residue


Paint transfers (i.e. Rubbing repaint from one object to another like bumping a automobile into a pole).

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Pine tar or jaw pitch

Yes, batter up

Poster Putty


Soot or Dirt


Stickers or Labels

Yes, it"s our bread and butter.

Super Glue

It is i can not qualify to work-related on irreversible glues

Tape (scotch, masking, duct, double-sided, painters, gaffer, packing, etc.)


Tar or Asphalt


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Sticky, sticky, sticky! execute you have a pair of pair of shoes or apparel that have sticky, gummy, or gooey messes top top it? watch no further, is here to assist youuuu!