One the the great features of enjoying time approximately a fire pit is gift able come roast food end the fire quickly and also easily, v not a lot of cleanup.

Whether you like it just cooked v or totally scorched, you can have it just the way you favor it, and quickly.

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A common favorite around any kind of fire is the venerable marshmallow. Paired v Hershey bars and also graham crackers and also it’s a mix that’s tough to beat.

Because the its condition as a fire pit staple, and also the ongoing growth in fire pit use, an ext and more people are asking if it’s ok to roast marshmallows top top a propane fire pit, citing comes to over the potential of a funky taste.

So, deserve to you roast marshmallows on a propane fire pit? Yes, you can roast marshmallows over a propane fire pit. It’s no secret, propane, or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), is a popular cooking fuel frequently used in barbeque grills.In this capacity, food is heated through straight exposure to flame and also heated grill media, mostly lava rock, or with vented steel inserts with no negative impact on taste. This applies to gas fire pits as well. Best results are completed when burner pans and fire pit media room cleaned regularly, kept totally free of food particles, dirt and other debris the could change the smell of marshmallows gift roasted.

Gas fire pits are frequently not designed for cooking yet that doesn’t typical they can’t perform the task well. Unequal gas grills though, propane fire pits don’t contain functions such as food drip pans and also easily cleanable cooking surfaces, so you will need to take some treatment when roasting anything over a propane fire pit.

The right food preparation tools, a close eye on the kids, and also a thorough cleanup deserve to make her propane fire pit a fun and also reliable alternative for a quick bite during any backyard gathering.

Mmmm, marshmallows top top a propane fire pit!

Common Propane Fire Pit food preparation Concerns

The main concerns around cooking over a propane fire pit often tend to revolve around health and also taste concerns. Comes to over the affect of cooking over a propane fire pit top top the fire pit chin are additionally common and rightly for this reason considering the expense of some models and also their repair when things go wrong.

With the believed of roasting marshmallows ~ above a propane fire pit, let’s address these concerns.

1. Impact ~ above Health. The propane (LPG) or organic gas used with gas fire pits is the same provided on barbecue grills; there isn’t a unique gas provided specifically because that fire pits.

The bottom line, food preparation over a propane fire pit is perfectly safe – just keep the media (lava absent or glass) and also burner complimentary of food drippings, dirt, debris, etc, to help maintain a clean flame that is complimentary of smoke.

Related agree Tip: No, eating burnt marshmallows cooked over gas, wood, charcoal, etc. When in a while is not bad for you. But, as good as castle taste because that some, girlfriend don’t desire to do it frequently – burned food of any kind, in general, is not an excellent for you.

2. Chemical Taste. Some may be concerned around a weird taste once roasting over propane but again it’s the exact same propane supplied in grilling; the somewhat foul odor that is usual of propane and also natural gas is included purely for security reasons and also is no noticeable when the gas is burned

3. Will Roasting Marshmallows damage the Fire Pit? Short answer, no directly; lot of any kind of food droppings top top the warm emitting surface of the fire pit will be melted off, however, regular cleaning is a good idea native a basic cleanliness perspective, but to additionally prevent buildup; this buildup have the right to clog burner harbor and impact the performance of the fire pit.

Additionally, leftover food residue on her fire pit of any type of kind can lure insects, rodents, etc. That can then lodge themselves right into spots in her fire pit that will reason it to malfunction or operate poorly – also, rats/mice are recognized to chew ~ above gas lines and electrical wiring, as with the sort in your propane fire pit; so, keep it clean!

How to Roast Marshmallows top top a Propane Fire Pit

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s obtain down come business! What is the best means to roast marshmallows ~ above a propane fire pit? A concern for the ages…

First, allow me specify my perfectly roasted marshmallow…

it is slightly gold brown ~ above the sides, with the top and also bottom typically untouched by straight fire;
the outer golden brown “skin” is dry and somewhat brittle come the touch and also can be easily removed and consumed separately or left ~ above the marshmallow (see photo below; just around perfect!);
the inside is soft, with the consistency of marshmallow fluff (BTW, if friend haven’t yet had a marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwich girlfriend haven’t lived, but I digress);
Yes, it’s end a lumber fire yet you acquire the idea!

Let me stress and anxiety that this an outcome is not from simply shoving a marshmallow top top the finish of a poker and thrusting it into the base of the biggest flame you deserve to find. Patience is definitely a virtue here:

After you’ve placed a fresh marshmallow on the end of your preferably metal roasting stick, start looking because that an area in the propane fire pit whereby the flame is a tiny smaller.
Once you’ve determined the area that the fire pit you room going to use to toast your marshmallow, gently ar your marshmallow just above the tips of the flame, girlfriend don’t want to do direct contact with the flame.
As you room holding your marshmallow above the flame gently turn it consistently to store one area indigenous “over-toasting.” Pay attention to the color for cues.
One occasion, you have the right to dip the marshmallow in the flame however only because that a few seconds in ~ a time, think 3-4. Remember to save rotating that marshmallow when doing so.
Once girlfriend have accomplished a semblance of golden-brown goodness all around, eliminate the marshmallow indigenous the fire pit and gently blow on it to rate cooling.
Once the marshmallow has actually adequately cooled remove it from your roasting stick and also eat, or collection it aside because that whoever is in charge of putting the smores together.

Sorry for so numerous steps, however this is serious business. Ns hope you picked up a point or two around what it takes to create what’s in the pic above ; )


Conclusion: have the right to You Toast Marshmallows on a Propane Fire Pit?

So, going back to why we are here; can friend roast marshmallows ~ above a propane fire pit?

In enhancement to being safe to do, it’s probably simpler to carry out it fine on a propane gas fire pit. The fire from a gas fire pit is more than likely a little more controlled, not as hot, and also much less smokey.

All good things in my publication when roasting marshmallows. No that i would ever pass it increase on a wood-burning fire pit.

Just mental to store things clean and do constant preventative maintenance on her propane fire pit and also it will constantly be ready for the next time girlfriend are prepared to break out the marshmallows.

Before friend go, if girlfriend are in search of some high quality gas fire pit choices that are simple to relocate around and take on the road, examine out my post Best Portable Propane Fire Pit because that Patios, RVs and More for my optimal pick and 2 other strong candidates. if friend have any kind of questions around this article or noþeles on the site (especially if ns screwed something up)!

Related Questions

So, what space the best marshmallow roasting sticks for propane fire pit use? First, whether you use your marshmallow roasting sticks for a gas fire pit or wood, I’d recommend using metal ones together opposed to bamboo or some various other wood type.

Obviously, you have the right to use the steel kind over and also over together the bamboo/wood form are pretty much a disposable item.

Also, steel roasting sticks or skewers room commonly easily accessible that “telescope,” and also can be extended to a few feet in length and collapse under to simply a couple of inches when not in use.

This is a nice attribute if you have kids roughly the fire – it enables them come roast marshmallows, but additionally keep their distance from the fire.

When youngsters are going come be about the fire I’d recommend this option, the HigherHuman safety and security Smores (see top top Amazon). The roasting stick’s tines are reversed i beg your pardon reduces the opportunity of a son poking someone else or themselves accidentally.

Even the best-supervised children are going come mess roughly sometimes, or not be payment attention, and then someone it s okay poked. To be there! these will conserve you the trouble. Collapsed, they are simply over 6.5″ long and 26″ totally extended.

If you favor a roasting stick with the tines facing forward, this choice from MallowMe (see top top Amazon) is a decent value and also should critical you a few seasons. Also, extendable, castle collapse down to about a foot in length and also extend out to 32.”

Are you much more of a marshmallow roasting traditionalist? There room a variety of bamboo roasting sticks obtainable on Amazon together well. Obtain the longest people you have the right to find; 36″ is usually around the longest available; watch for options in the 6mm thickness selection – most are easily accessible in 5mm though.

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If friend interested in much more fire pit accessory ideas, check out my perform at 21 “Gotta-Have” Fire Pit equipment for Your next Backyard Burn. It covers a variety of recommendations for both propane and wood-burning backyard fire pits.


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