Belly switch piercings may appear totally cool and also effortless from an exterior perspective, but they actually require serious commitment if you desire them come look an excellent in the lengthy run. Castle heal slow than plenty of other types of body piercings, and also they need a far-reaching amount of aftercare.

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This guide will take you v the piercing process and also show you just how to avoid potential problems together you heal. If you monitor this advice, you"ll be mirroring off a piercing the is both stylish and also healthy in no time!

Feature image: Spookygonk/Flickr, offered under CC 2.0

Can You obtain a Belly button Piercing?

Some human being are disqualified from gaining a belly button piercing.

Typically, belly button piercings go through the “lip” of skin over the belly button. return most human being can technically get these types of piercings, it"s ideal to have a great flap the skin above the belly button for the piercer to placed the jewelry v if you want it to heal properly. The piercing additionally needs room below and also behind the flap so that the area doesn’t become irritated in the healing process. If friend don’t have actually a heavy flap that skin ~ above the top of the belly button, periodically piercers have the right to go because that the reduced lip the the belly switch instead (though this is a rarely option).

Here’s an instance of what a common belly button piercing looks like:


She go it/used under CC by 2.0

Unfortunately, if you have an outie ship button, friend most most likely won’t have the ability to get that pierced. some people believe that outie belly button piercings room the only "true" belly switch piercings due to the fact that they actually involve piercing the inner component of the navel.

However, infections in outie belly switch piercings have the right to travel come your inner organs and become extremely dangerous. Many reputable piercers will not take this risk. In instance you"re unsure that which form of belly switch you have actually going on, here"s what an outie look at like:


Belly Button-3/used under CC 2.0

The piercer will constantly examine her belly button carefully before starting the process to see if your anatomical setup will enable for the piercing to cure safely.

What space the Risks connected With Belly switch Piercings?

Even if you believe that her belly button is the appropriate candidate because that a snazzy brand-new piece that jewelry, friend should recognize that part health threats come hand-in-hand with acquiring this form of body piercing. These risks include:

Allergic reaction to the jewelryExcessive bleedingJewelry refusal or hike (migration is once the piercing moves internally come a slightly different spot, and also rejection is once your human body starts to push the jewel out and you see much more and more of the barbell)Bacterial infectionsPermanent scar (this can take place if girlfriend don’t stroked nerves to eliminate the jewel after her body has made decision to refuse it)

You deserve to minimize these risks by detect a reputable piercer and also caring for her piercing appropriately during the healing process (discussed in the next pair of sections).

Does a Belly button Piercing hurt a Lot?

Good news: most human being say that belly button piercings don’t hurt that much. They’re equivalent to ear lobe piercings in regards to pain. If you’ve gained your ear or nose cartilage pierced before, that kind of piercing generally hurts an ext than a belly button piercing. You might experience some soreness and also throbbing in the first few days, yet it shouldn"t interfere with your life significantly.

One fence to belly switch piercings is that they carry out take considerably longer than various other piercings to heal. While ear piercings frequently heal in 6 to 8 weeks, a belly button piercing is normally not totally healed for 6 months to a year (which is why many world suggest acquiring your piercing in the winter so you can present off the completely healed final product come coast season).


If you"ve ever before gotten this form of piercing on your upper ear, possibilities are that it ache a lot much more than many belly button piercings. (left ear, provided under CC 2.0)

How to get Your Belly switch Pierced

Here"s a summary of the steps you have to go through to ensure the ideal piercing experience. Acquisition the procedure seriously and finding a trusted piercer have the right to make all the distinction in the speed of your healing and also satisfaction through your piercing overall.

Step 1: understand the Laws and also Regulations

If you’re over 18, make sure you carry an official form of picture ID prefer a driver’s license or passport. If you’re under 18, girlfriend must have a parent or guardian present to authorize off on her piercing. This short article has a perform of piercing regulations for every the different US says if you"d prefer to verify her state"s details policies.

Piercing locations sometimes take these rules further and say castle won’t perform certain types of piercings ~ above minors or i will not ~ pierce anyone under the period of 16 also with the consent the a parental or guardian. In addition to check the regulations in your state, research the regulations at the specific place wherein you setup on getting pierced to check out if they have any type of special stipulations.

Step 2: uncover a great Piercing Place

The top quality of the piercing location makes a huge difference in the likelihood the your piercing will heal properly. Look for places near you the have good Yelp reviews and also appropriate credentials (check to see if the piercer is a member of the association of professional Piercers). Most piercing places also have websites wherein you can inspect out the portfolios of their piercers and also read evaluate from other customers.

Avoid going to sketchy booths in the center of the shopping mall or really any kind of place that doesn’t look favor a doctor’s office once you gain into the piercing room. The piercing have to be done through sterile tools in a squeaky clean environment to ensure the lowest threat of infection.

Don’t ever before let anyone pierce you through a piercing gun! They cause too much trauma to the area and can’t be properly sterilized.


One work We will certainly All Die, offered under CC 2.0

Step 3: Prepare to gain Pierced

First off, take a shower beforehand. It’s simply polite not to it is in smelly when a stranger needs to touch your ship button. Also, make sure you’re completely hydrated and have eaten at least a little something within the hour so girlfriend don’t feel woozy throughout the process.

Above all, do NOT gain drunk before you acquire your belly switch pierced. Any piercing ar worth the salt will turn away one intoxicated person, both since you don’t have the volume to make great decisions ~ drinking and also because drinking can reason excessive bleeding in ~ the piercing site. Try to live a healthy, responsible way of living at least for the 24 hour period before her piercing.

Step 4: choose Your Jewelry

The materials that are least likely to wake up the piercing site include surgical stainless steel, surgical titanium, Tygon plastic, and solid 14K gold. You should try to avoid jewel made of nickel or sterling silver since these steels are the most likely to cause allergic reactions in human being with sensitive skin. If you’ve acquired other piercings in the past, be responsibility of how your body has reacted.

Also, pick a item of jewelry that you i will not ~ get tired of seeing. Remember, friend won"t be able to take it out for another six month to a year. Go with a barbell fairly than a ring due to the fact that there’s less risk that the barbell getting recorded on ingredient in the heal process.

Belly buttons are frequently pierced through 12 gauge jewelry, which is around 2 mm in diameter. This is much bigger than the jewelry supplied in a usual ear piercing, which is 1 mm or less in diameter. It’s better to have actually a thicker item of jewelry since it will make the piercing sturdier and an ext resistant to tearing and also migration.


Triforce de Awesome!, provided under CC 2.0

Step 5: Pay your Piercer

Navel piercings can range in cost, yet they’re $40-$60 at many piercing places. This includes both the procedure and the price of the jewelry. If she happy with the method things go, it’s considered good form to offer your piercer a 10-20% tip on height of the regular price.

That"s it! You"ll have actually a brand new navel piercing. Now comes the long and also hard part - caring because that your new piercing.

Caring for her Belly switch Piercing

First off, DON’T ever touch or clean the piercing without washing her hands first! If you disregard this rule, you’re asking for an infection. Just leave it alone and let the heal other than for when you require to relocate it about a little bit to clean it. Similarly, you should wear loose clothing that won’t irritate the piercing area in the healing process. Try to sleep on your ago and avoid tanning beds at least for the first pair months that healing. The concentrated UV rays can set back her body"s natural healing process.

It’s also not a good idea to walk in public pools or warm tubs due to the fact that the piercing can get infected from every little thing gross species of bacteria may be lurking in the water. If girlfriend really feel the need to go in a pool or hot bathtub while your piercing is still young, you need to clean it instantly afterward.

You deserve to still carry out sit-ups and other exercises when your piercing is healing as long as friend don’t suffer too much discomfort indigenous the movement.


Like you, this cat is gonna obtain his beach body no matter what the takes. (sit-ups, used under CC 2.0)

The best way to care for the piercing is to wash it through saline equipment two time a day for at the very least the very first month the healing. You have the right to make your own saline systems by mix a tespoon of sea salt with 5 ounces that water, or you have the right to buy the plain saline solution that is sold at pharmacies.

Put the saline equipment in a small cup. Then, push the in salt of the cup versus your stomach approximately the piercing, and also lean back to completely submerge the piercing for two minutes. Afterward, take it a q-tip, dip it in the solution, and gently rub it roughly the areas where the piercing goes v your skin.


Be certain to usage sea salt come make your solution, no table salt! (Salt-(sea)_B130623, provided under CC 2.0)

You might see her piercing oozing clear liquid that forms a crust around the hole. This is normal at an early stage in the heal process. There may additionally be part swelling, redness, and also discoloration, however these worries should dissipate fairly soon after you acquire the piercing. Don’t clean your piercing much more than the recommended two to 3 times a day. excessive cleaning can cause skin irritation and also dry the end the area.

If it"s been at least a month because the piercing and everything looks good, you have the right to stop act these day-to-day cleanings. You might clean the piercing sporadically ~ this suggest if you proceed to see evidence that that isn"t fully healed. You must still minimize the activities detailed at the start of this section until you with at the very least the 6 month mark.

Potential problems (and What to Do about Them)

In this section, I"ll talk about how come spot signs of trouble with your piercing. It"s crucial to take action on this issues instantly so you deserve to avoid major health results and permanent scarring under the road.

It"s essential to know what"s normal and what"s not. We"ll sheathe the many important problems below.

Allergic Reaction

Sometimes, if you acquire the wrong kind of jewelry, girlfriend can finish up v a nasty allergic reaction roughly your piercing. Signs that an allergy reaction include:

An itchy rash roughly the piercing areaIntermittent tenderness roughly the piercing

If friend think friend may have actually an allergy reaction, go ago to the piercer, and ask to switch your jewelry the end for a different type of material. ns list part suggestions for people with perceptible skin in the “choosing her jewelry” advice in the vault section.

Bacterial Infection

Infections are an extremely common with belly button piercings because they’re in together a breakable area. Signs of epidemic include:

Yellowish-green discharge v a foul odor lengthy redness approximately the piercing, specifically if it gets worse end timeSkin about the piercing is warm to the touchYou feeling a burning sensation in the areaProlonged swelling roughly the piercingAbdominal ache (in really severe cases, the epidemic can end up being internal)Red lines radiating from the piercingConsistent acute pains (although slim bruising and occasional sharp pain from movement are normal)

Here"s what one infection have the right to look like:


See exactly how the area roughly the piercing is red and swollen? This will probably likewise be hot and painful to the touch.

It can even look worse 보다 this, with leaking pus approximately the piercing.


(Sorry, I recognize it"s a tiny gross, yet it"s vital to know what something poor looks like.)

If girlfriend think you have actually an infection, an initial of all, contradictory to what you can think, you should leave the jewelry in your ship button. taking it the end could cause further complications, consisting of the development of abscesses in the area. Use the same cleaning procedure in-depth in the ahead section, yet soak the piercing because that ten minutes in the saline solution. You may be able to rub a little bit the antibacterial cream approximately the piercing to soothe the infection, however use that sparingly.

If the epidemic doesn’t go away in ~ a week or two, go to a doctor to examine if you should take more drastic steps to stop it from developing further (i.e. Taking oral antibiotics). You may need to go back to the piercer to obtain the jewelry taken out if the infection has end up being too severe.

Lean on the next of mindful - it"s always much better to acquire something checked out and also have naught wrong, than to try to challenging it out and also make a difficulty worse.

Migration and also Rejection

Another issue that is common with belly switch piercings is migration and rejection the the jewelry. Signs of migration and also rejection include:

You can see method more the the barbell 보다 you could when the was originally pierced (because it’s getting pushed the end of your body)Noticeable activity of the holes of the piercing marked by a follow of redness Redness and scarring in the areaHole shows up larger than it was at first The skin in between the holes is translucent and thin

If you an alert this continue to your piercing, girlfriend will need to go to your piercer to acquire the jewelry removed, let everything heal, and eventually shot piercing it again. There’s no means to solve the problem without acquisition out the piercing and beginning over.

Migration and also rejection don’t mean the piercing is infected, so they aren’t as whole health risks, yet they come with more aesthetic problems when they’re not addressed. Piercings that the body rejects but that space not gotten rid of promptly often reason serious scarring.


Rejection happens with a most body piercings. You have the right to faintly see the denial scar from mine eyebrow piercing in this picture (I waited too lengthy to take it out due to the fact that I chosen it therefore much). (Sam Lindsay/All legal rights reserved.)

How carry out You understand When You’re excellent Healing?

As discussed above, that takes around six months to a year for a belly button piercing to cure to the suggest where you deserve to take it out and adjust it. If you reach the six to ripe month mark and aren’t experiencing any of the problems detailed in the ahead section, girlfriend can inspect the piercing to check out if it’s totally healed.

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Wash her hands, and also try slide it ago and soon a little to make certain it moves easily without pain. If whatever feels and looks good, I’d recommend going back to her piercer for this reason they can verify that you’re completely healed. They will have the ability to take out the piercing and replace the jewelry because that you.

If you adjust your piercing on her own, be certain to sanitize both the brand-new jewelry and also the piercing site prior to insertion. Infections space a risk even in piercings that are essentially completely healed, so don’t lose all respect for hygiene after month of vigilance.

Summary: crucial Tips for gaining a Belly switch Piercing

Here"s a fast rundown the most necessary things to remember when acquiring a belly button piercing. Before you obtain pierced, friend should:

Check to make sure your belly button is a an excellent candidate for piercingUnderstand the risks involved and be willing to take it on the duty of maintaining the piercing cleanBe mindful of the regulations for her state (may entail asking your mom or dad come go through you)Find a trustworthy piercer

When you"re in ~ the piercing studio, you will need to:

Choose jewelry the is least likely come irritate your skinVerify that everything appears sterile and professional in the piercing roomBe all set to endure a little of pains (about the exact same as obtaining your ear lobe pierced)Pay (and tip) the piercer

After you gain your belly button pierced, you should:

Never touch it there is no washing your hands firstClean it two to three times a day through saline solution for at least the very first monthAvoid tight clothing about your midsection, tanning beds, hot tubs, publicly pools, and also sleeping on your stomach until the piercing is at least mostly healedMonitor the piercing website to make certain there space no worries with allergic reactions, infections, or rejection of the jewelryDon"t adjust your jewel until six to twelve months into the healing process when you can slide the jewelry back and forth without ache or resistance

If you have more questions about any details problems you"re suffering with her piercing, you have to talk to her piercer to gain an expert"s opinion. Otherwise, just continue to gain your awesome new belly bling!