When it comes to fighting bacteria and germs, bleach deserve to be her ally. However, if girlfriend don"t use it correctly, bleach can be a opponent when it pertains to some household cleaning chores. Before you take the sponge and also the party of bleach, take keep in mind of these 5 mistakes you store making once it involves cleaning with this powerful germ fighter.

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Using Bleach on steel Surfaces

Bleach shouldn’t be applied to copper or stainless steel appliances. That’s because the corrosive chemistry in bleach deserve to react v metal and leave behind stains and also even corrosion, follow to ARCSI. “Always use approved cleaners on steel surfaces. Also, never ever use bleach or ammonia to remove rust. This will set the stain and also make the more daunting to remove,” the ARCSI warns.

Not Diluting Bleach Enough

More bleach doesn’t median a far better clean. ACI notes the only benefit to using more bleach 보다 prescribed is if the surface ar is soiled. Once using bleach come clean floors, sinks, appliances, details dishes and also countertops, ACI says, “Do no use an ext than one cup the bleach per gallon the water.”

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