Lunch meat, luncheon meat, deli meat, cold cuts, everything you call these yummy slices of cured meat, possibilities are you"ve wondered if over there is a method of saving them for another day.

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Sliced deli meat, even if it is it"s turkey breast, cooked ham, roast beef, hard salami, or any kind of other kind of cold cut, deserve to be frozen for a future sandwich.

We all know exactly how easy that is come buy also much. Whether we’ve overestimated how countless sandwiches we must make for a main or have some leftovers native a charcuterie board we’ve made, yes sir nothing worse 보다 condemning a bunch that leftovers to the trash.

Thankfully, the freezer is a thing, definition that too many of various foods have the right to be saved safely for an additional day. Didn’t know you can save having lunch meat? Well, you’re not alone in that.

Lots of civilization didn’t recognize this, and have been throwing away their leftover ham and also turkey slices for years! However, us are here to tell you the this never needs to occur again!

Your lunch meats deserve to be for sure frozen and also we’re walking to describe exactly how to do it in this article.

To make her life also easier, we will also be translate in the information into a handy chart because that you to publish out and keep for your reference.

First, a recap…

We thought that we would offer you a little recap on having lunch meat very first of all. Lunch meat (or everything other name you contact it) space thin cut of cooking meat.

They room left to walk cold and also then sliced up prepared for use in subs, sandwiches, paninis, and bagels. If you gain them indigenous the deli counter, the deli worker will package lock up because that you.

You can likewise buy castle pre-packaged in stores, wherein they space usually sold in vacuum sealed packs. Frequently they have actually preservatives added to lock to assist them continue to be fresher for longer.


So, they can be frozen, then?

Yes, lunch meats can be frozen, but the rules differ slightly depending on the form of deli meat you have actually bought.

The preservatives contained in them, as we debated in the previous section, aid to keep the lunch meat fresh for about 5 days as soon as it has actually been opened and also stored effectively in a refrigerator.

A vacuum sealed load that has not been opened can keep for as much as 15 job in the refrigerator. The course, freezing them will make them last also longer.

If your packet the deli meat has currently been opened and also exposed come air, then listed it is packaged back up and frozen correctly, it can keep for approximately 3 months, if you have actually a completely unopened vacuum sealed packet the deli meat then this have the right to be frozen for up to 6 months and still be for sure to eat.

How to freeze having lunch meat

When it concerns freezing your lunch meat, that is vital that friend take treatment to perform it effectively to ensure it is safe to eat.

In this section, we will certainly be looking at exactly how to frozen pre-packaged lunch meat that has actually not been opened.

We will certainly then be looking at just how you have the right to safely freeze lunch meat that has actually been opened. Meat such as chicken, ham, and also turkey have tendency to have a greater water content 보다 cured meats, and also so these space often an ext susceptible to freer burn.

That gift said, provided they space tightly wrapped and also placed in 2 ziplock bags for extra protection, they need to still be fine.

Unopened, pre-packaged lunch meat (in a vacuum sealed pack)

If your lunch meat is already in an airtight, vacuum sealed load then over there is no should wrap the again. Provided it is totally airtight and remains sealed, you have the right to simply brand it all set for freezing.When it involves labeling your meat, for sure you clearly place the date frozen top top there, and also what it is, and when you must eat it by (you can inspect this in ~ the finish of ours article).

Opened lunch meat (No much longer vacuum sealed)

If her lunch meat has been opened, it have the right to still be frozen. You need to repack her slices right into an airtight, freezer for sure bag, ensuring all of it is as close to being vacuum sealed together possible. A ziplock bag would occupational well for this.As it is already open, it could be a an excellent idea to location some wax paper, parchment, or baking file in between each part so the it have the right to be defrosted a small easier. We skip this action if our meat is unopened, though, so that we are not unnecessarily exposing it to air.When that is all packed tightly, label the meats through the date and contents, and also the date it has to be eaten by if you wish (check out our graph at the end of the post to discover out this).You have the right to then place it right into a freezer safe container or another zip lockable bag if friend wish, and you have the right to keep that with various other meats, detailed all space packaged and labeled separately.

Defrosting her lunch meat

When friend are all set to eat your lunch meat simply check that they are still within the for sure date variety (check our table graph at the finish of the article.

If you are using the having lunch meat that has already been opened, you have the right to take out the amount you require as the parchment document will have actually kept them separate, keeping the rest in the freezer come be used again. If you desire the entirety lot, take it it all out.

We recommend relocating your meat come the refrigerator at least 24 hours prior to eating it. This will certainly ensure that it has actually adequate time to defrost thoroughly, ensuring that is safe to be consumed. If you have just taken the end a slice or two, then it may take much less time to defrost, so save checking it.

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Important: defrosted lunch meat will just last for roughly 2 days and must be maintained in the refrigerator, wrapped up as soon as not in use.