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It’s regularly one that those things that ends up in your hand as soon as you’re browsing the kitchen cupboards in search of something you have the right to rustle up quickly, for this reason knowing just how to cook canned corn and turn it right into something tasty can be a lifesaver. These gold nuggets are a lot much more versatile than you think and, contradictory to renowned belief, they’re pretty an excellent for you, too, i beg your pardon we’ll explore an ext in this post.

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We’ll additionally take a look at a few recipes and a few different ways to chef canned corn. First, let’s bust a couple of myths the have end up being attached to these shiny yellow kernels.

Common canned corn myths


Before we obtain cooking, let’s explode a couple of myths, chandelier we?

Myth #1: Sweet corn is a grain, so it should be bad for me?

First off, not all grains are bad. Second, sweet corn isn’t actually a grain, anyway. Well, no all the time.

When harvested early for person consumption, it’s related to as a vegetable because, unlike field corn, it’s picked once immature and also at it’s “milk stage”, quite than being left come mature and dry out. Dried kernels harvested for flour production and also such are taken into consideration grains, however.

Myth #2: every corn is genetically modified

Actually, it isn’t. Again, the confusion comes about because of ar corn, i beg your pardon is heavily influenced by hereditary modification. Sweet corn is greatly GMO-free corn, but you have to still check your labels as GMO sweet corn walk exist.

Buying organic will guarantee the your corn has not been genetically modified as the the USDA prohibits the exercise for necessary products.


Myth #3: Sweet corn is complete of street so should be avoided

Sweet corn does have actually a same whack of street in it otherwise it’s name would be a small misleading, however should girlfriend really prevent it? Well, because that starters the street is natural, for this reason it’s far better than the refined muck (providing you inspect the can to make present those pesky manufacturers haven’t added any).

Second, other foodstuffs we love such together apples, bananas, figs, and also dates all have lots much more sugar in them 보다 sweet corn, but we still chow under on those negative boys.

Myth #4: Canning destroys every one of the nutrients

Now, prior to you gain all furious with me, let me say that in no method am ns saying you should favor canned create over fresh. I’d never say that. I’m always banging on about the importance of eating appropriate whole foods items that have had actually the bare minimum of human being interference. However, canned veggies deserve to be a handy thing to have actually in case of emergencies, yet there are involves over even if it is you space sacrificing nutrients for convenience as soon as using them, for sure.

Thankfully, studies have presented that nutrients levels remain reasonably stable in crate produce, thanks largely to the absence of oxygen which reasons fresh fruits and also veggies to promptly deteriorate. In fact, fresh develop may, in some instances, be less nutrient thick than crate produce, relying on how it has actually been stored before it hits her plate. Eek!

The essential thing to remember is to ensure you only buy canned corn that has actually nothing in the tin various other than corn and also water. No salt, no sugar. Better yet, buy a optimal rated push canner and can your own!

Myth #5: crate corn has actually zero wellness benefits

Not true. Crate corn has actually quite a couple of things going for it, actually. Among the standout wellness benefits of crate corn is the fact that it can assist prevent eye diseases, many thanks to that is high antioxidant values. Carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin space what provide corn that brilliant yellow coloration, yet they deserve to also aid reduce the hazard of macular degeneration, too.

Sweetcorn is also high in folate, or vitamin B9. This crucial vitamin may help with cardiovascular an illness prevention, reduce cholesterol levels, and also could also lower the risk of strokes.

How walk corn obtain inside the can?

It’s quite a process, therefore to save time and give friend a more interesting method of finding out about canning corn, here’s a neat video clip by exactly how It’s Made:

How to chef canned corn

Now we understand a small bit more about canned sweet corn and also have dispelled a few of the myths that surround it; it’s time to acquire cooking!


Before we obtain to the canned corn recipes, let’s walk over a few basic techniques you can use if you just want to offer your corn together it is:

Cooking box corn on a stovetop

Probably the many traditional means of food preparation canned corn is top top a stovetop, and also it couldn’t it is in simpler.

1. all you need to do is open your have the right to of corn and also tip the contents into a small-to-medium sized saucepan.

2. ar your pan ~ above the stovetop over a medium heat and stir frequently to ensure that your corn gets cooked evenly.

3. Season with a tiny salt and also pepper to taste.

4. test the corn come ensure the it’s cook through and also you’re seasoning is good.

5. when the corn is hot all the method through, serve.

TIP: to really bring out the gold yellow that the kernels, drizzle and also toss through a tiny olive oil before serving.

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Using a microwave to cook canned corn

Less traditional, yet super-fast and effective, is to cook your crate corn in the microwave. Again, this isn’t going to take it a the majority of kitchen skills, so offering you can wield a deserve to opener, you’re every set.

1. First, acquire the deserve to open and tip the materials into a colander or sieve to drain the liquid from your kernels prior to rinsing lock under to run water in your sink.

2. Next, take a microwavable container and place your rinsed corn inside.

3. give your corn a few twists of salt and also pepper before cooking and drizzle through a little olive oil. No sure exactly how much salt and also pepper you need to use? remember the old adage: you have the right to add, but you can’t take it away, for this reason use just a tiny to start with.

4. sheathe the container, however be sure to leaving some type of gap to allow the heavy steam to escape – we don’t want any explosions!

5. location inside the microwave and also cook ~ above high for 2 minutes.

6. eliminate the container from the microwave, row well, and also check her seasoning. Add much more salt and also pepper if desired.

7. Place earlier inside the microwave and cook because that a additional 2 minutes.

8. remove from microwave, stir again, and also serve.

Oven baked canned corn

This is a an excellent alternative, and it’s additionally a good option if you’re not also keen top top corn cook in a continuous fashion. Roasting the corn transforms the flavor and also texture that the kernels, offering you a tasty law perfect for snacking on.

1. Preheat your range to 450f (230c).

2. open your can of corn, drain in a colander or sieve and also rinse under a tap.

3. Pat her corn dry v a kitchen bath towel to eliminate as much moisture as possible.

4. Toss the kernels in 1tsp the olive oil.

5. Lay your kernels out on a baking sheet, ensuring that they have actually plenty the room and kind a single layer.

6. ar the baking paper in the top of your oven to obtain the maximum lot of warm to them quickly.

7. food preparation times will vary, so keep checking them, transforming the kernels each time you perform so (you can do this through simply offering the baking sheet a shake).

8. her baked canned corn will certainly be prepared to eat when they turn a deep golden brown. When done, eliminate from the oven and also season according to taste.

9. offer either on their very own or together a crunchy salad topper. (Get more salad inspiration here!)

Canned corn recipes

Now, the over methods are all well and an excellent if you want a quick and simple way to eat her kernels, but let’s confront it, when they present you how to cook canned corn they’re a small boring.

So, to add a tiny bit of excited to your store-cupboard staple, check out this canned corn recipes from several of my favorite foodies.

Vegan zucchini corn fritters


Melissa Huggins the the ever-brilliant vegetable Huggs has taken corn fritters to whole brand-new level v this recipe. Melissa proposal either fresh or frozen corn in her recipe, however I switched them out for crate corn and also the outcomes were amazing. Walk make part now!

Vegan lentil chili


Have you obtained that one non-vegan friend who always goes on about how vegan food watch gray and unappetizing? Well, choose up the phone and also get them over to re-superstructure this vegetables lentil chili native Jenn at Peas and also Crayons…just look at those colors!

The recipe may be lengthy, but I promise this is super-easy come make and also you’ll want to execute it again and also again.

Black bean and also corn vegan quesadilla


Looking for something quick and also easy, yet exceptionally tasty? willow over at create Mindfully has acquired the perfect recipe because that you. These black bean and corn vegan quesadillas room ridiculously straightforward to make, yet boy execute they work! Perfect for as soon as friends come end unexpectedly. Go take a look!

Summer corn chowder


This is an additional recipe that calls for fresh sweet corn, yet at a pinch crate corn have the right to be substituted in. Keri has actually some wonderful recipes on stylish Foods and also while not all of them room vegan, some of them are and also it’s worth digging through her site due to the fact that there are a couple of real gems because that you come make. Get her summer corn chowder recipe here.

Mexican vegan vegetable stew


Tracy the the wonderfully named Baking Mischief has given us something else to smile around with this box corn recipe. Low in calories, but high in flavor, this is certain perfect for those cold evenings as soon as you’re in require of lull food…regardless of the reason why! go visit her site now and also bookmark this cooking recipes so you’ll never lose it.

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Corn and also tofu kebabs


Just once you thought things couldn’t acquire any much more exciting, we bring you corn and also tofu kebabs! Well, we don’t, it’s all thanks to the exorbitant Ruchi end at Ruchi’s Kitchen. This recipe is specifically what searching the net for something different is all about; what an exceptional idea!

While there room a couple of stages to making these kebabs, it’s completely worth the effort. Now, who said canned corn recipes are boring?

Vegan spicy cream the corn soup


One of our favorite people online is Lindsay Cotter of Cotter Crunch. Her gluten-free website is a should if you have a gluten intolerance and want some kitchen inspiration, yet it’s additionally home to some impressive vegan recipes, too, as with this one!

Like several of the other dishes we’ve discussed here, fresh corn directly off of the cob is preferable, however I’ve made this with canned corn and it’s tho delicious. Together ever, just make sure you buy organic and avoid brands with included salt and sugar if girlfriend can.

Phew! What began out together a “how to cook canned corn” post turned right into something a little longer than I expected. Us touched on a couple of of the health and wellness benefits linked with these gold kernels, busted a few myths, and also even featured few of my favourite go-to canned corn recipes, too.

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I hope you enjoyed reading the as lot as I took pleasure in putting it together for you. If you’d choose to comment, you re welcome feel totally free to execute so. I’d love come hear your thoughts.