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Chime right in! (no it is registered req"d)-----"Are mine pewter goblets safe?"2002I freshly bought pewter goblets indigenous a sign sale. They space marked"Raimond Italy" top top the bottom of each goblet. How can we call if they room safe come drink from? Is is feasible to test the steel for lead content? Alternatively, is it possible to coat the goblets in some way?Marjorie G - Scarsdale, new York, USA^2002Hi Marjorie,First off, is her pewter a an extremely dark colour? If it"s a lighter colour, then probably it"s likewise a lighter material and also is alloyed and also not 100% lead.I have actually one pewter mug which, back in the so late 1700"s, had mfg. Markings and place point out on the lip. A an extremely dark pewter. Also, very, an extremely often offered as those markings space virtually smoothed the end (by lips, the course).Once point is because that damned sure. All those who drank from the mug space DEAD. But since of command poisoning, who knows? i doubt that otherwise the English race would become obliterated !And no manufacturer in lock thar days put their surname on it choose your modern-day ones have...that"s recent and I"d guess/assume that you sure might drink, now and then, v impunity native it plenty of times.
Freeman Newton (It is our sad duty to advise that Freeman passed awayApril 21, 2012. R.I.P. Old friend).^2007Won"t someone answer the concern of the safety and also date of origin of the Raimond Italy Pewter Goblets? I additionally have 6 of them. Say thanks to you.Penny l - brand-new Bern, north Carolina^April 12, 2008Pewter is a metal alloy, traditionally between 85 and 99 percent tin, with the remainder consist of of copper and also antimony, acting together hardeners. The addition of lead is employed for the lower grades of pewter, which have actually a bluish tint. Are yours bluish?Michael Honeycan- cincinnati, Ohio^bannerURL = brand-new Array("../php/westechclick.php?cstu=3333","../php/stellarclick.php?cstu=3311","../php/CMLSclick.php?cstu=3311","../php/russamerclick.php?cstu=3311")bannerImages = brand-new Array("../equipment/westech/westechYoutube.png","../chemicals/stellar/stellar.jpg","../equipment/CMLS/CMLSbanner.jpg","../equipment/russamer/russamer.jpg")bannerWidth = brand-new Array("276px","540px","535px","200px")bannerText = new Array("Practical solutions to the obstacles of the galvanizing industry: western Technologies, Tulsi OK","Environmentally-friendly Citric Acid-based processes for Passivation the Stainless Steel","adv.","adv.")imgCt=bannerImages.lengthfunction chooseGif()randomNum=Math.floor ((Math.random()*imgCt));document.getElementById("imageForBannerAd").src = bannerImages;document.getElementById("imageForBannerAd").style.width = bannerWidth;document.getElementById("textForBannerAd").innerHTML = bannerText;function linkTheLink () document.location.href = bannerURL

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