Fleas are a nasty parasite for any kind of pet come have, permit alone her pregnant pooch! once your dog is pregnant her immune device is naturally weakened, so if she has actually fleas it’s necessary to act quick to her and her puppies healthy.

Can friend bathe a pregnant dog v flea shampoo? Professional veterinarians recommend the you execute not usage flea shampoo through pregnant dogs because of the solid chemicals contained and also your dog’s weakened immune system.

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Below we will certainly take a closer look at why friend shouldn’t use flea shampoo or the common alternatives and exactly how you deserve to safely eliminate fleas from your pregnant dog.

Why friend Shouldn’t usage Flea Shampoo

Professional vets recommend the you do not usage shop-bought flea shampoo top top pregnant dogs. This is due to the fact that most the them use ingredients as well toxic for the lower immune device of a pregnant dog. These ingredients will seep right into your dog’s body v their skin and potentially reason harm to the mother and her unborn puppies.Flea shampoos can also be toxicity to us!It has additionally been discovered that many ingredients included in low-quality flea shampoo are not just toxic for her pet however for united state too.Some flea shampoos leaving a residue ~ the wash, which deserve to then it is in transmitted to united state or our youngsters by physics contact.Check the end this list of harmful ingredients right here at the Pesticide study Institute.

Other assets You need to Not use to death Fleas

I’ve covered over why no to usage a flea shampoo, however here’s why girlfriend should additionally avoid human being shampoo, dawn, or any kind of other washing-up liquid.Human shampoo: human being skin and our dog’s skin are an extremely different. Our skin has a much more acidic Ph balance the 5.5 – 5.6, conversely, dogs’ skin is near to being neutral in ~ 6.2 – 7.4. In conclusion, almost all human being shampoos room too acidic and also will disrupt the acidic mantle of your dog.Dawn or other washing up liquid: merely put, this is made for washing dishes and also not your dog. Yes, there is a most discussion about how this works to death fleas, but that’s since it contains solid ingredients. Washing up liquid includes degreasers, which deserve to leave your dog’s skin flaky, itchy, and also dry.

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Safe Shampoos to kill Fleas on Pregnant Dogs


The safest option… A constant organic or herbal dog shampoo. inspect out the reviews of Ark shampoo, a highly recommended consistent natural dog shampoo.Check the end My Happy Husky’s optimal 7 shampoo choose that space most ideal for huskies.

How to Safely Bathe her Pregnant Dog to death Fleas

Pro Tip: Start washing native the head down to journey the fleas turn off of the body. An effective technique of death fleas is through a lack the oxygen. The fleas will attempt come jump and escape once you start obtaining your dog wet. If you begin in the middle, the fleas will likely jump as much as the head and also inside the ears, whereby there is an ext protection. Protect against this by starting at the head and working your means down (but carry out NOT obtain water inside her dog’s ears)What you will need:1. Regular organic or organic dog shampoo2. Big tub low come the floor or a walk-in shower3. Warm water4. Freshly cleaned Towel5. Flea comb1) Soak her DogStarting indigenous the head down, soak and/or spray her dog’s whole body for at least 5 minutes with heat water.2) Wash and also MassageThoroughly wash and also massage she coat with the regular natural dog shampoo for at least 10 minute to get a special lather going. This lot of time will aid to kill the existent fleas due to the absence of oxygen. Be very gentle about her ship area and never use pressure here.3) dried ThoroughlyDry using a clean restroom towel and pat her down gently until she’s dried to touch. This may take a while, but you should not leaving her wet. 4) once Dry, usage a Flea CombOnce dry, usage a flea comb to very closely go through the coat and also fur, inspecting all the time for fleas and eggs. This can be time-consuming and daunting but much safer than the toxic flea shampoos. Constantly be careful about her belly area.5) Clean her Dogs BedAn essential component of removed fleas is to thoroughly clean your home and also the area the your dog rests and sleeps. Dog beds, blankets, carpets, and also clothes must be thoroughly washed come kill any existing fleas. Fleas aren’t just on her dog. They have the right to be on floors, furniture, and also clothes.

3 vital Things to Remember

1) Some assets are safe and also organic ⭐

There are commodities on the industry that space specifically created killing fleas that space organic and also safe. If you cannot kill the fleas by complying with the technique above then you can, that course, try these commodities next.Just make certain to examine the ingredients and compare them through the perform of toxic chemicals on the Pesticide research study Institute.

2) Pregnant dogs room sensitive

Always mental to manage her very closely during bathtub times. Never push or apply too lot pressure about her sensitive belly area.If her dog doesn’t choose being washed in the first place, this dislike to bathing time will certainly increase throughout pregnancy. Hormones and also characteristics can adjust so be careful as it’s feasible your dog might react aggressively if provoked.Avoid picking up your dog to placed them in the tub, this can be really uncomfortable for a enlarge dog especially if your bathtub is tall. A walk-in shower head is ideal, yet if you don’t have actually one, use a shallow container on the ground.

3) check out a experienced for further aid

If troubles persist you must seek professional help from a vet to assist your dog as quickly as possible.

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Last Thoughts

Always check your dog even if it is they are pregnant or not, watch for extreme scratching or itching, and act accordingly. In the end, it’s fully up come you to decision if you want to shot a flea shampoo. Just do her due diligence to make sure you’re picking a “safe” one for her dog, you, and also your family.

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