i wouldn't. Heat is bad enough for her hair, why apply it twice? If you space worried about frizz just use a smoothing serum first. Don't forget to usage a warmth protectant, also.




No don't that will damages your hair! just wash it and also blow dry it before curling, I find that functions well because that me without every the heat:)


It'd be finest if you blow dried it through your finger & then curled the :) Don't forget the warmth protectant though.:)


i agree v Melissa. Usually when I straighten mine hair before I curly my hair, the curl has tendency to autumn much quickly and also easily compared to as soon as I wash and blowdry.

if girlfriend straighten your hair very first the curl will certainly not take properly as the heat on your hair changes the method your hair sits until you to wash it again so if girlfriend straighten or curl your hair correctly you should not be able to do the other for the to take without washing it so just no wash and blowdry her hair then curls it:-)

relies on what you mean by straighten. Acquisition an iron to it is overkill, however a good blowout will certainly flatten the cuticle to store frizz down.

that is true. If you straighten your hair before curling, the curls will certainly die quicker. However it all counts on what sort of hair friend have and how you blow dry it. If you're not going to blow dry that well, and also by that I typical with a brush or something that will store the volume down, then straighten it afterwards and climate curl. Currently I've i found it that once I supplied a reg. Curling iron, mine curls would die out within minutes. I started using a curling wand by revlon, ns believe, and also my curls last every day and also I don't put any kind of product (hairspray, etc.) afterwards.

Jan 12, 2013

Jordyn R.
No it will realy damages your hair mine hair wavy and fluffy and also I leaving it choose that then curl and that's exactly how my curls endup

Jan 12, 2013

Victoria D.

No, you must look up no heat ways that curling her hair on YouTube if you're experiencingdryness

Jan 21, 2013

Pineapple S.

thx the helps. But i uncover it quiet curls once i straightenit

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