Temporary hair color mousse supplies three impressive hair services – conditioning, styling, and also color enhancing – in one hassle-free product. It temporarily coats hair with shade pigments while offering conditioning services to dried over-processed strands. As a result, girlfriend can expand the life that your shade while additionally fortifying and also protecting her hair.

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When to Use short-term Hair color Mousse

Colored hair mousse is largely used to refresh the fading color and stretch the time between color touch-ups. This product have the right to be a godsend if her gray roots start showing, and you cannot walk to the salon. These tinted mousses come in different shades to match your natural or irreversible color.

To continually keep your shade looking fresh, you should reapply the mousse computer mouse after each shampoo. Alternatively, you deserve to use it only on those one-of-a-kind days when you wish to watch fabulous.


Non-drip structure makes shade styling mousse very convenient for house use. The product should be used to wet or dry hair and left in without rinsing. The coverage lasts because that 1- 3 shampoos and washes out conveniently with continual shampooing.

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Is fancy Hair Mousse Damaging to Hair?

If you worried around the lasting impact on her hair and scalp, don’t! Tinted mousses space gentle ~ above the hair and scalp and also can be offered whenever you wish. If you perform not want to use a permanent hair shade too often, this product will certainly be your brand-new best friend. It shampoos out, so friend can shot it out without are afraid of an unexpected result.

Some brands prefer 2Roux Fanci-Full Mousse entered the market decades earlier and room still popular among women of every ages. More recently, several color styling foam assets were exit to accomplish the requirements of customers who have actually been in search of a color refreshing product v all the convenience the at-home application.

The advantages of colored Hair Mousse

Revives hair color: it refreshes your fading hair color and keeps the looking its best between long-term colorings. This renders those very coveted salon-fresh hair days an daily possibility.

Versatile: It improves faded color, problems processed strands, and also style your hair in one straightforward step. In a civilization where you currently have 10-step skin care routines and long makeup routines, fancy hair mousse offers an easy, hassle-free way to fit complete coverage hair coloring right into your daily routine.

Blends away gray: If you have actually a small percentage the gray hairs, color mousse can help you placed off committing to irreversible coloring. Otherwise, you have the right to use it in between colorings to blend the gray with the remainder of her hair.

Adds volume: air conditioning texturizers in that is formula add body and also texture come fine hair and also improve smoothness and also manageability.

Gentle top top the hair: Being complimentary of harmful ingredient conditioning color mouse permits your dry and also over-processed hair come rest and also recover between colorings.

Commitment-free: friend can shot different shades without committing to constant coloring. This offers you the flexibility to experiment without sacrificing the health of her hair.

Little goes a lengthy way: fancy mousses space budget-friendly hair care products, and you can gain multiple applications the end of one bottle. You usage mousse anyway, why no a fancy one?

Convenient to use: as result of its foamy consistency, shade reviving mousses are easy to use, and the applications is much less messy than when using liquid short-lived coloring products. Additionally, unlike functioning with irreversible hair dyes, there is no unpleasant smell.

The Con of colored Hair Mousse

Not totally sweat-proof: fancy hair mousse might bleed if you are sweating a lot of or get caught in heavy rain. This means that you might want to conserve easy hair coverage because that mild days. Also, the shade can stain your pillowcases. Don’t worry, though, because it will come the end of cloth easily.

Color Mousse Vs shade Rinse Vs Foam Color

Despite the apparent similarity that the 2 products, a fancy hair mousse is much easier to apply and also control than shade rinse. Shade rinse is lot messier and also should be used only in the shower.

A color mousse only deposits pigments on the external of the hair, uneven a foam color that penetrates the hair and involves the oxidation procedure to shade hair permanently. The mousse additionally does not provide full coverage for gray hair together a foam color will do.

Will color Mouse covering Grays?

Color styling mousse does not fully cover gray hair favor a dye, but it deserve to cover sufficient to make it less noticeable. It deserve to be a really convenient option once you should camouflage your grey roots between coloring sessions.

If you have actually a few grey strands, this product will refresh fading color and also blend in grey hairs. It will lessen the contrast between the gray strands and also your original color making the regrowth less obvious.

Color styling mousse may help you come postpone your commitment to irreversible coloring. If you space letting your greys grow however most the your organic hair is quiet pigmented, this product could be the ideal option because that a smoother transition. Just make certain to select a the shade close to your existing hair color.


Fancy-Full Mousse through Roux works as a color enhancer and washes with the following shampoo. Make certain to buy a color that matches the shade of her hair. Fancy-Full Mousse silver- Lining brightens gray hair but it is difficult to find.

Revive & layout Mousse by TRUHAIR is formulated in Italy and also is meant to improve the watch of natural, colored, and also highlighted hair. The works rather well for blending away gray hair.

Styling Collection color Mousse through Rusk functions as a temporary shade that lasts up to 3 washes. It come in blue, teal, pink, and purple.

One Night Highlights by Alterna Haircare comes through a comb applicator top top the optimal of the bottle. As soon as the applicator works properly (but typically does not), it will leave emphasize strands in her hair i beg your pardon last till the next shampoo.

Color style Mousse through Indola is available in 11 shades that work-related to update the existing irreversible color.

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IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam is enriched with shade holographic colors that space flashing in your hair as soon as you move.