Guinea pigs space herbivores, flourishing on a plant-based diet. They usually depend on miscellaneous herbs, grasses, fruits, and also veggies. Yet why can’t guinea pigs eat potatoes?

Guinea pigs cannot eat potatoes as they save on computer toxins dubbed alkaloids. These toxins deserve to be a huge disaster for our guinea pig’s health. Potatoes deserve to be thought about as a healthy diet because that humans, however for guinea pigs, that is far better to stop potatoes.

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Potatoes are high in calories with no nutritional benefits.

The visibility of starch in potato is in ~ an utmost level, which can not be tolerated by the guinea pig’s cradle system.

Complex carbs are constantly bad for guinea pigs, and potatoes are complete of starch.

But is there any type of parts or ready of potatoes the is safe? If no what space other an excellent alternative? Let’s discover out!

But prior to that, potatoes host a many nutrition; several of them space as monitor :

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Guinea pigs have the right to not eat potatoes as it produces alkaloids that are toxic come our guinea pigs. Potatoes are practically full that starch, that cannot be tolerated by our guinea pigs cradle system.

It is best to avoid serving potatoes to her guinea pig even though they enjoy it.

Fresh hay, fruits, and also veggies administer them all the nutritional services they call for to stay healthy and also active.

Can guinea pigs eat red skin potatoes?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat red skin potatoes.

Can guinea pigs eat white potatoes?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat white potatoes.

Can guinea pigs eat mashed potatoes?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat mashed potatoes.

Here space list of part vegetables and also fruits the you can serve to your guinea pigs:

Why are potatoes poor for guinea pigs?

Serving potatoes have the right to be a destructive idea come our guinea pigs, as it can lead to numerous health problems.

Some dangers of offer potatoes to your guinea pigs space as follows.

Urinary Complications: With farming age, the need for calcium to reduce in ours guinea pigs. Calcium is compelled initially because that the development of bones. Alkaloids content: that produces alkaloids that are an extremely toxic to our guinea pigs and also severe damage to your health. Fructose content: Potato also contains a kind amount of furustos which, if taken in an too much quantity, can cause damage to our guinea pigs. Ours guinea pigs have a susceptible and fragile digestive system that deserve to not manage sugar well. Intaking high furustos can even lead to diabetes and other significant health issues to our guinea pigs.

Some FAQ top top Feeding potato To Guinea Pigs


A most guinea pig owners have actually questions concerning feeding various parts of potatoes or something made through potatoes to their guinea pigs. Yet are any type of of them safe for ours guinea pigs? Let’s uncover out!

Can guinea pigs eat potato peelings?

Potato peelings have a lot more nutritional benefits prefer Vitamin C, fiber, and also potassium as contrasted with the white meat inside.

But, the benefits of fiber space neutralized v the visibility of strength in it. So, likewise, potato, you even cannot serve potato skin to your guinea pigs. 

Our guinea pigs should mostly depend top top fiber-based diets like grass hay and also herbaceous leaves. 

Can guinea pigs eat potato leaves?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat potato leaves at all.

Any plant leaves which belong come the nightshade family members cannot be offered to our guinea pigs together members that the nightshade household contain the poison named solanine.

Potato is an essential member the the nightshade family. So we cannot serve potato leaves to our guinea pigs as it can give destructive results.

Anything from a potato plant favor leaves, vines, and also flowers are poisonous to our guinea pigs.

You can carry out them with various other safe tree branches like apple, willow, birch, etc.

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Can guinea pigs eat baked potato

No, guinea pigs cannot eat any kind of cook food. A baked potato is one of them that have to be avoided altogether.

Serving potato in any type can cause damage to your guinea pig.

Potatoes, either small or cooked, can not be offered to our guinea pigs. Potato contain solanine, i beg your pardon is poisonous because that our guinea pigs and cannot be offered in any kind of condition. 

Can guinea pigs eat raw potato?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat a potato in any kind of form, even if it is cooked, baked, or raw.

Potato has solanine, which is poisonous because that our guinea pigs. For this reason considering this, we should avoid serving raw potato to your guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat cook potato?

No, guinea pigs can not eat cooked potato, also if the is boiled without any added ingredients.

Although, cooking potato removes a far-ranging portion of starch from potatoes, but not all.

Even after food preparation potatoes, plenty of constant starch remains, which cannot be digested by our guinea pigs. Diarrhea, constipation and gastrointestinal stasis can still occur with boiled potatoes.

It is much better to serve them fresh hay and also natural veggies, which provide them every the nutritional services to stay active and healthy.

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Can guinea pigs have actually potato chips?

Potato chips are pieces that potato that space deep-fried in oil and also are seasoned v salt and also many other fabricated flavors because that taste.

If potatoes cannot be served because of its contents, how deserve to potato chips it is in served?

You cannot serve potato chips in any condition together it is worse than serving potato in any other form.

According to studies, guinea pigs require only 0.5g/kg that salt in their diet, and pellets are sufficient to meet the requirements.

Can guinea pigs eat sweet potatoes?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat sweet potato at all.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes only share a usual name, yet there is no relation between these 2 as potato belong to the nightshade family.

In contrast, sweet potato come from a family of Convolvulaceae. They carry out not share any genetic relation.

But that doesn’t average you have the right to serve sweet potatoes to her guinea pig as it contains means farther sugar and also fat as compared to continual potatoes.

Both the potato ( sweet & regular) space equally poor for our guinea pigs.

It is much better to serve them new hay and natural veggies, which administer them every the nutritional services to stay energetic and healthy.

Can guinea pigs eat sweet potato leaves?

Yes, guinea pigs have the right to eat sweet potato leaves yet not an ext than two times in a week in a moderate quantity as moderation is a vital to a healthy life.

Sweet potato leaves perform not belong to nightshade family and thus, they are completely safe because that our guinea pigs.

Other vegetables the guinea pigs have the right to eat

Lettuce: An yearly plant of the daisy family, which is grown together a leaf vegetable, has many benefits because that our guinea pigs as it consists of a good amount of Vitamin C and A. Lettuce offers loads of nutrients to guinea pigs, which assist them come stay energetic and healthy. Leafy eco-friendly lettuce have the right to be served daily. It would certainly be ideal if you did no serve iceberg lettuce to her guinea pig together it can cause diarrhea to her guinea pig.Carrots: A vegetable that originated in Europe and also Southwestern Asia provides many benefits to our guinea pig. That holds a good amount that vitamin C, A, and also antioxidants, i m sorry is really important because that our guinea pig survival. You have the right to feed carrots 2-3 time a mainly in a moderate quantity as it has actually a little amount of sugar content.Zucchini: Zucchini, additionally known together courgette source in Mesoamerican, has numerous benefits for our guinea pigs. That holds a great amount that Vitamin C, phosphorus, and also many various other vitamins and also minerals, i beg your pardon gives countless nutritional services to our guinea pigs. You can serve raw zucchini to your guinea pig but not cooked as cooked zucchini consists of many fabricated ingredients that can cause serious damages to your guinea pig.Cucumber: it is a generally cultivated plant from the gourd family. Likewise known as Cucurbitaceae which originated in India has many nutritional services to guinea pigs. It has a an excellent amount that Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin A a significant part that guinea pig’s diet.Cucumber can additionally be served 2-3 times a week.Tomatoes: tomatoes are used as a salad, and also it is the many consumed food ~ potatoes, which includes a good amount that Vitamin C and provides countless nutritional benefits to your guinea pig. Girlfriend cannot offer tomatoes to her guinea pig regularly, as it is acidic. Guinea pigs deserve to eat all types of tomato 2-3 times a week in a moderate quantity as moderation is a vital to a healthy life.Cilantro: Cilantro has numerous nutritional benefits to our guinea pigs, as it is an excellent source of Vitamin C which is crucial vitamin for our guinea pig. It helps protect against scurvy and protects versus many various other diseases. According to studies, coriander is asserted as the safest herbs by plenty of vets that guinea pigs can consume. Together it additionally contains a tiny amount of calcium and also phosphorus, it cannot be served in huge quantities.You have the right to still offer a little quantity of coriander 4-5 time a week.

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