THIS is the horrifying moment a mugger bit off his very own TONGUE and also killed self in an effort to prevent jail.

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TERRIFIED: Mugger was afraid of walking to jail so little bit his tongue turn off

Crook Wei Su had actually tried come pinch a woman's handbag on the street once he to be spotted by 2 passersby.

The pair ran over, ordered the 30-year-old by his shirt, then flung him come the ground.

They then pinned him right into the floor as they waited because that police come arrive complying with the mugging in Chengdu in the city that Sichuan in China.

But terrified Su shouted the wasn't going to jail before biting the tip of his tongue off and also choked to fatality on his own blood.


CROOK: Passersby pinned the mugger down before he little bit the reminder of his tongue

"The male was writhing roughly as the 2 other males tried to keep him still," said horrified witness Xiuxiu Fang.

"Someone, ns don’t understand who, kicked him from behind.

"He started shouting he wasn’t going to walk to jail and then all of sudden there to be a gush the blood and his mouth seemed to explode.

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"The two males holding him down jumped off yet by the moment the police arrived the male was dead."

A police spokesman added: "Unfortunately, the victim that was mugged left the scene prior to officers civicpride-kusatsu.netuld speak to her.

"We very nice one for she to civicpride-kusatsu.netme front so we have the right to properly understand the instance as, back there to be plenty that witnesses, we need her statement together a victim before we deserve to proceed and close the case."

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