Bearded dragons love to eat fruit and anything sweet and this includes oranges. 

But together an owner need to you be allowing your bearded dragon come eat oranges? Or room there better options out there?

In this post, we will certainly look at the opinions the nutritionists and also vets as well as nutritional data to decision whether oranges are worth feeding to your bearded dragon.

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Before we go any further, let’s provide a quick but much information answer to the main question.

So deserve to bearded dragons eat oranges? Oranges shouldn’t be component of a bearded dragons diet. This is due to the fact that of the high quantity of sugar they contain combined with your acidic nature. These 2 factors combined can reason multiple health difficulties for a mustache dragon including upset stomach and diarrhoea.

Read on come learn...more factors why oranges no a great food selection for mustache dragons and also ‘discover 5 fruits the the specialists recommend you feed them instead!’

The Nutritional Data for Oranges

Even though us don’t recommend the you feed her bearded dragon oranges, it’s still good to understand the nutritional worth of the fruit contrasted to other staple greens and also veggies.

Take a look in ~ the table listed below that shares the data for mandarin oranges, which are considered one that the best alternatives if you do decide to feeding them to your beardie.

The data is taken native the U.S. Department of agriculture (USDA)

Nutritional info Of Oranges per 100g

Note: us Have included The most Relevant Nutritional information Only
Total lipid (fat)0.21g
Carbohydrate, through difference11.54g
Calcium, Ca43mg
Phosphorus, P12mg
Sodium, Na0mg
Vitamin C45mg
Iron, Fe0.09mg
Vitamin D (D2+3)0µg
Vitamin B60.051mg
Vitamin A11µg
Vitamin E0.18mg
Vitamin K0µg

Can Bearded dragon Eat Oranges? (A depths Look)

We don’t recommend the you put oranges on the food selection for your beardie as result of the truth that they space high in sugar and very acidic fruit.

With this gift said, some experts do say that oranges are safe to market to her bearded dragon as long as you only offer them on occasion.

One such skilled is Vetmed (The college Of veterinarian Science) who state that oranges have the right to be fed seldom as a treat.

As one owner, you need to weigh up the risk and reward of offering your beardie oranges fairly than other choice that are available.

Let’s take a closer look at why oranges could harm her bearded dragon’s health and if there room actually any benefits?

Sugar & obesity In bearded Dragons

The first thing you must be aware of is the too lot sugar in your beardies diet have the right to easily reason them to come to be overweight.

Just favor us humans, a high sugar diet will cause excess fat and eventually cause other health difficulties too.

It’s advised to feed any type of kind that fruit to your bearded dragon sparingly and also makeup 90-95% of their plant-based diet on greens and veggies.

Tooth Loss

Something that’s regularly overlooked is that foods that room high in sugar and are acidic as well can reason tooth difficulties for mustache dragons.

The vets at Vetstreet states beardies can get tartar and also plaque build-ups that have the right to be much more severe to their wellness then they room to us humans.

They proceed to say that the factor for this is that bearded dragon teeth space fixed straight to your jaw and also this can easily cause inflammation or infection to your bones.

Here’s a an excellent post the shares everything you require to recognize as an owner about your bearded dragons teeth.

Upset Stomach & Diarrhoea

Too lot sugar and acidic fruit in a short duration of time deserve to easily reason your dragon to have an uncomfortable stomach.

This, in turn, can cause them to have a lessened appetite and also even diarrhoea.

The diarrhoea can then cause them to become dehydrated and by this point, you’ve got a beardie that’s really no well. 

As you can see, what starts out together nothing deserve to escalate quite quickly and all because that feeding a food that really isn’t necessary.


Low Calcium Levels

All fruit is usually low in calcium no issue what fruit it is therefore this isn’t a destruction at oranges.

Having stated this, the reality of the matter is that calcium is so crucial to a moustache dragon’s health that you have to be aiming to feeding them high quantities of calcium v their diet.

Bearded dragons only have little stomachs and also they get complete easily. If you feed them foods items that room low in calcium and also generally nutritionally bad then in time this can reason them health troubles such as metabolic bone disease.

Vetstream claims that a absence of dietary calcium is the main cause of metabolic bone disease in moustache dragons.

As well as obtaining calcium with a an excellent balanced and also healthy diet, vets and also experts such as Pet-MD say the calcium supplementation is vital come making sure your bearded dragon gets its required day-to-day calcium intake.

We have taken every the hard work the end of finding a high-quality calcium complement by creating a article that perform our recommended calcium supplements every on one page.

You can examine out our list of recommended calcium supplements appropriate here.

Alternatively, we have developed a write-up that shares every you need to know around calcium as a bearded dragon owner.

The article shares why calcium is important, speak in-depth around metabolic bone an illness and just how to avoid it, exactly how to usage calcium supplements because that the finest results and also much more.

You deserve to take a look at our calcium for bearded dragons guide here.

Now we’ve developed that oranges no the ideal food alternative for your bearded dragon stop look at some far better options.

Rather than looking at greens and also veggies, let’s take it a deeper watch at part fruits her beardie tho feels like they are gaining a treat.

We have taken data from a recent write-up that VCA-Hospitals have posted that include their height 5 recommended fruit for bearded dragons.

The optimal 5 fruits they recommend you feed your beardie are 

figsdatesstrawberriesraspberries apricots

We have actually put all 5 fruit in a table that gives their key nutritional data so you have the right to see them next by side.

Even despite VCA-Hospitals recommend these 5 fruits, it’s vital to remember the they space still fruits and also are by nature minerally bad for mustache dragons.

Their diet need to consist mainly of veggies and greens in your plant-based diet.

Looking at the table below you can see that some of the fruits have exceptionally high quantities of sugar even when contrasted to oranges

The reality that castle are less acidic provides them much less of a difficulty for her beardies gut 보다 oranges, but again, only feed them as a treat and in tiny portions as they room nowhere as nutritious as veggies and also greens.

Fruits, no issue who proposal them, are supposed to be offered as a small component of a healthy and also balanced diet.

By currently you should have learned that fruit must never be offered on a everyday basis as it typically contains method too much sugar and also doesn’t offer enough nutrition to do it a an excellent staple food choice.

This doesn’t median that fruit doesn’t have its location in her beardies diet.

In fact, fruit can be an excellent for tempting a beardie come eat indigenous the salad bowl if they’ve been off your food or simply don’t favor the highly nutritious veggies and greens you market in the bowl.

If your bearded dragon has actually a low appetite or no eating at every then take it a look at this post that share the 9 factors that her bearded dragon i will not ~ eat.

With all points considered, feeding her dragon fruits roughly 1-2 times every month is fine and shouldn’t cause any type of problems through tooth ns or obesity.

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We would never ever recommend feeding fruit on a daily basis as as result of the factors we have actually mentioned throughout this post.