What is Obtuse Triangle?

An obtuse-angled triangle is a triangle in which among the interior angles measures an ext than 90° degrees. In an obtuse triangle, if one angle measures an ext than 90°, then the sum of the continuing to be two angle is less than 90°.

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Here, the triangle abc is an obtuse triangle, as ∠A measures more than 90 degrees. Since, ∠A is 120 degrees, the amount of ∠B and ∠C will be much less than 90° degrees.

In the over triangle, ∠A + ∠B + ∠C = 180° (because the the Angle amount Property)

Since ∠A = 120°, therefore, ∠B + ∠C= 60°.

Hence, if one edge of the triangle is obtuse, climate the various other two angle with constantly be acute.

Some instances of obtuse triangles:


Non-examples of obtuse triangles:


Special facts about obtuse triangle:

An it is provided triangle can never be obtuse. Because an it is intended triangle has actually equal sides and angles, every angle measures 60°, which is acute. Therefore, an it is intended angle have the right to never it is in obtuse-angled.

A triangle can not be right-angled and obtuse angled at the same time. Since a right-angled triangle has actually one right angle, the other two angles room acute. Therefore, one obtuse-angled triangle deserve to never have a appropriate angle; and also vice versa.

The next opposite the obtuse angle in the triangle is the longest.

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Obtuse angled triangles in genuine life:

In ours surroundings, we can find countless examples of obtuse triangles. Right here are part examples:

Triangle shame roofs

Hangars uncovered in cupboards


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