Guinea pigs are one of the most loveable of every pocket pets. As adorable together they are, the is pretty straightforward to desire to offer them all the very delicious human foods items we enjoy, favor juicy grapes! However, many human foods are no safe for cavies come eat. So, can guinea pigs have grapes?

Dr. Jess will certainly answer every the details the this inquiry below:


Find out if guinea pigs can have cantaloupe too!

What is a Guinea Pig?

A guinea pig is a form of pocket pet that resides in the cavie household of animals.

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They are small animals that prosper to a maximum of approximately 10-11 customs long, and can weigh as much as 2.5 pounds together an adult.

In captivity and also with ideal care it is fairly common to check out these pet live to 8-9 years of age.

One that their main anatomical (body) “quirks” is the they are constantly needing to chew in order to document their this down, together their teeth room constantly erupting (growing longer).

They are rather playful animals and also love to socialize v the ones that they know and love.

They make an excellent pets because that responsible pets owners, and also those living in little dwellings wanting a loveable pet that comes in a little package.

What perform Guinea Pigs usually Eat?

These little buddies eat one assortment of points to keep them healthy and also happy.

High-qualityguinea pig foodandTimothy hayshould it is in the main staples of their diet.Up to around 10% of their diet deserve to be comprised of one assortment ofvegetables and fruits, through fruits and vegetables end 12-24 hrs old being discarded as soon as possible.They call for 30 – 50 mg ofvitamin Cdaily from your diet, one of two people in your guinea pig food, a vitamin supplement, or from fruits and vegetables that room high in vitamin C. I’ll get to this more here in a sec…Guinea pigs do finest with dietslow in fats and also sugars.Clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-freewater. ‘Fresh water‘ means that is is readjusted daily. ‘Changed daily‘ method that brand-new water is placed into a CLEAN water dispenser!

What space Grapes?

Grapes room a type of berry, which is a fruit, that grow frequently in swarm on vines.

They come in all different sizes, colors, shapes, and tastes.

There are over 8,000 ranges of grapes grown across the world.

Types of Grapes:

There room cultivated and also wild grapes. Cultivated grapes room grown commercially, the source of numerous store-bought grapes.

Grapes can contain seeds or it is in seedless, be eco-friendly all the way to dark red in color, and have slim to extremely thick skins.

Some grapes are used to do wines, if others, choose table grapes, space to be consumed while fresh and also tight, if others space dried and turned into raisins.


Grape Nutrition:

Grapes room a good source of potassium andfiber, and also a source of multiple different vitamins, including vitamin C.

According to medical News Today, grapes can do some pretty wonderful things:

“The nutrients in grapes offer a variety of possible health and wellness benefits. They have been connected with avoidance ofcancer,heart disease,high blood pressure, andconstipation.”

Grapes have actually high water and high furustos (sugar) content.

Do Guinea Pigs like Grapes?

Yes they certainly do!

The factor why birds love grapes is because of the exceptionally sweet taste from your high content of fructose (sugar).

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Grapes are prefer candy to birds!

But grapes can be toxic to part pets, choose dogs. Space they toxic to guinea pigs?

Are Grapes great For Guinea Pigs?

Grapes save on computer vitamin C which guinea pigs need included to your diets, with feeds and also vitamin C supplements, to make certain that they receive adequate levels, help to stop health difficulties like scurvy (disease the occurs as result of low level of vitamin C).

As always, I highly recommend consulting through your regional veterinarian before including any new foods into your guinea pig’s diet, even treats. The ideal time to do this is once your pet is in ~ the vet clinic getting their regimen checkups!