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Gold 2005 Altima 2.5 S20x8.5 F5 Rims3% TintJVC KDR-900 Head Unit w/ iPod & BluetoothKicker 6.5" contents (front)Kicker 6x9" (rear deck)Kicker 6.5" coaxials (rear door TBD)2 12" Kicker Comps (trunk)Rockford P400.4Rockford P500.1

04 Nissan Altima SEUpgrades: SER Rims + SER TailsModifications: eRacings prior Fascia + sport Accolade Mesh Grille + Fiberglass Eyelids + paint Matched home window Pillars + M3 Rear home window Spoiler + Debadged tribe + 20% TintPerformance: Injen WAI ConversionICE: Alpine 9884 H/U v Ipod + 1400w strength Acoustik Amp + 2 12" subs + Cool White LED complete Interior Swap + Cool White Footwell LEDS with Switch + Cool White key Bulbs
20"s are huge enough - IMO - here is a thread of mine old Altima I had actually on 20"s.
Well if it to be a 3.5l then i would certainly discourage it cause its basically a waste. Great luck with flats tho. There"s a old cutless in my jobs parking many on 28s with a flat. To be sitting there a week.

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2004 Altima 3.5 SE
To be moral 22" you"d probably have to do part fender rolling and also tire tucking to have the ability to fit that without any rubbing. Ns personally have actually 20x8.5 and also I did have a couple of issues with rubbing in the beginning. I personally would certainly recommend 20x8.5 though the ride is tho smooth and also it filling the tires wells out nicely. Below is a snapshot of mine 2007 ~ above 20".
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To be honest 22" you"d probably need to do some fender rolling and tire tucking to be able to fit that without any rubbing. Ns personally have 20x8.5 and also I did have a couple of issues v rubbing in the beginning. Ns personally would recommend 20x8.5 though the journey is quiet smooth and also it fills the tire wells out nicely. Below is a picture of mine 2007 top top 20".
you had actually to lower the automobile for it come sit that low with 20"s. If girlfriend bough a lowering kit higher the 1.4 in the front and also .8 in the rear then i can see the require for rubbing issues. I placed the eibach pro on my car and also havent had actually issues. What room your tire sizes ?
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I don"t think he ever did it.. There"s an Altima in my area ~ above 22s though. Looks favor he just lifted the behind a little bit to make them fit.

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i"m happy i uncovered this thread. I also am reasoning 20"s would be a an excellent idea for the car and also you men put some an excellent photos up.
20s space a an excellent fit because that the fourth gens. Ns personally think 19s look the best, yet there room so many an ext choices for 20s.100% totally free webcam site! | amazing chicks and also it is absolutely for free! | Watch cost-free live sex video camer - basic as 1-2-3
I had actually 22"s top top mine ride to be easn"t that poor but he is gonna need to roll the rear fenders & operation a 235 30 22 I"ll write-up pics
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