Answers because that the 1993 execution of the Cambridge Latin food Unit One.Units Two and also Three space also accessible

3 DECEMBER 2012: analyze CAPTIONS p 154-155

The roman inn says, ‘You Greeks room lazy. You constantly watch actors.’The Greek says, "You Romans space barbarians. You are constantly fighting.’The roman says, "We space clever. Us make helpful things.’The Greek says, "We space cleverer 보다 you. We Greeks teach the Romans.’

4 DECEMBER 2012: compose OUT WORDS and PHRASES p 157

Seriously, you deserve to do this yourself.

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Stage One starts on the an extremely last page.

I execute not intend this website to be an easy way to cheat: this will not help you on tests. Friend still must learn your vocabulary and grammar. However, if you require to inspect your answers, this is the place to go. Or if you have actually very little time to do your homework and also you require it in a pinch.

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He felt tremorsHe to be dictating a letter to his servantA weird cloudHe called his household to the domestic shrine and also made a sacrifice to the family members godsDuring one earthquake a lengthy time ago, the family gods maintained his house standing and his family aliveClemens was searching for CaeciliusHe had actually sent Clemens to the farm yard that morning

1. Titulum

Quartus gave Sulla ten denarii. Sulla composed the slogan top top the wall.

2. Canis

The thief was entering the house. Suddenly, the dog barked.

3. Holconium

Many candidated are in the forum. I watch Holconius.

4. Ancilla

I am running to the port. A maid expects me.

5. Gladiatores

Today ns am heading to the city. Gladiators space in the amphitheatre.

6. Pueros

The theacher is angry. The teacher is wait for the boys.

7. Stolas

Women are in the shop. The merchants present the females dresses.

8. Denarios

After Holconius and also his friends captured Grumio, castle siezed 5 denarii.

Stage 10 ‘Word Search’


Stage 10 ‘Practising the Language’ #2

1. Pictores

You room clever painters; you repaint magnificent pictures.

2. Gladiatores

You are solid gladiators; friend fight in the arena.

3. Servi

We room slaves; us guard the togas in the baths.

4. Venalicii

You offer slaves in the foru, because that you are servant dealers.

5. Athletae

We room hurrying come the palaestra, for we space athletes.

Stage 10 ‘Practicing the Language’ #1

1. Controversiam habemus

We space Greek teachers; we have anargument in the palaestra.

2. Fabulam agimus

We are famous actors; we act a pat in the theatre.

3. Stolas componimus

We space pretty maids; us arrange dresses for the women.

4. Cibum offerimus

We are cooks; we carry food come the masters.

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5. Panem paramus

We are bakers; us prepare bread for the citisens.

Stage 10 ‘anulus Aegyptius’ Questions

With one old Egyptian ringHe had actually no money, for his ship to be destroyed‘It’s one old ring.’An Egyptian slave found it in a pyramidHe gave it to his wifeShe to be muggedHis inn melted downHe to be beaten increase by his enemies and also lost the ringThe ring; it was luckyGrumio & Poppaea; Poppaea will certainly leave Grumio for Clemens
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