It is basic to have actually a couple of servings the soda or energy drinks a day without thinking about it. Like other sweetened drinks, the calories from these drink can include up quickly. Many provide small or no nutrients and contain large amounts of added sugar. Soda and also energy drink can additionally have big amounts that caffeine and also other stimulants, so it is ideal to limit exactly how much friend drink.

Here is a list of some well-known sodas and also energy drinks, your serving sizes, and also the variety of calories in each.

Calorie counting - sodas and energy drinksBEVERAGESERVING SIZECALORIESSodaEnergy Drinks
7 Up12 oz150
A&W source Beer12 oz180
Barq"s source Beer12 oz160
Canada dried Ginger Ale12 oz135
Cherry Coca-Cola12 oz150
Coca-Cola Classic12 oz140
Coca-Cola Zero12 oz0
Diet Coca-Cola12 oz0
Diet Dr. Pepper12 oz0
Diet Pepsi12 oz0
Dr. Pepper12 oz150
Fanta Orange12 oz160
Fresca12 oz0
Mountain Dew12 oz170
Mountain Dew code Red12 oz170
Mug root Beer12 oz160
Orange Crush12 oz195
Pepsi12 oz.

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Sierra Mist12 oz150
Sprite12 oz140
Vanilla Coca-Cola12 oz150
Wild Cherry Pepsi12 oz160
AMP power Strawberry Lemonade16 oz220
AMP Energy boost Original16 oz220
AMP Energy boost Sugar Free16 oz10
Full Throttle16 oz220
Monster power Drink (Low Carb)16 oz10
Monster energy Drink16 oz200
Red Bull power Drink16 oz212
Red Bull power Drink (Red, Silver, and also Blue)16 oz226
Rockstar energy Drink16 oz280

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