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T4M Bot WarfareBot war is a GSC mod for the T4M project and also PlutoniumT4 project.

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It aims to add playable AI come the multiplayer gamings of world at War.

You can uncover the ModDB release short article here.

Important to public devoted servers

The bots_main_firstIsHost DVAR is allowed by default!

This is therefore inexperienced customers of the mode can access with menu without any configuration.

Make sure to disable this DVAR by adding collection bots_main_firstIsHost 0 in her server config!



A clean and also nice menu, girlfriend can edit every bot DVAR in ~ in-game.

This mod does not edit any kind of stock .gsc files, an interpretation EVERY various other mod is compatible through this mod. Mode doesn"t include anything unnecessary, what you see is what friend get.

Adds AI clients to multiplayer games to simulate playing genuine players. (essentially Combat Training because that WaW)

Bots move around the maps with native engine input. (all normal maps, most to all practice maps)Bots press all the buttons with indigenous engine intake (ads, sprint, jump, etc)Bots play all gamemodes/objectives, they record flags, plant, defuse bombs, etc. ( all normal modes, most custom modes)Bots use all killstreaks.Bots target killstreaks and vehicles.Bots target equipment.Bots can camp randomly.Bots can follow rather on very own will.Bots have actually smooth and realistic aim.Bots respond smartly to their surroundings, they will certainly go to you if you shoot, uav, etc.Bots use all perks and also weapons.Bots an obstacle level deserve to be customized and are accurate. (hard is hard, easy is easy, etc.)Bots each every have different classes, traits, and challenge and remember that all.Bots move from between primaries and secondaries.Bots have the right to grenade, location betties, they even use grenades and tubes in preset map locations.Bots usage grenade launchers.Bots deserve to melee people.Bots deserve to run!Bots have the right to climb ladders!Bots run shot and also drop shot.Bots detect acting grenades, flares, gas and airstrike slows.Bots will certainly remember your class, skill and traits, also on multiround based gametypes.Bots deserve to throwback grenades.... And pretty much everything you suppose a Combat maintain bot to have


T4M requires an unpacked steamless version of the multiplayer world at war executable (otherwise recognized as LanFixed). You can use a vapor Unpacker on her multiplayer world at War heavy steam executable to acquire the compelled executable.

Also make sure that PunkBuster is disabled!


Make sure that T4M is installed, updated and working properly.Extract every the papers from the Bot war release save you download to almost everywhere on her computer.Run the "install.bat". This copies the mode to your WaW mods folder.The mod is now installed, currently run your game.If you space a specialized server, girlfriend will need to collection the DVAR "fs_game" come "mods/mp_bots"If you are not a specialized server, open the "Mods" choice from the key menu the the game and select "mp_bots" and also then "Launch".The mod have to be loaded! currently go begin a map and also play!


Menu Usage

You deserve to open the food selection by pushing the major grenade and second grenade buttons together.

You deserve to navigate the options by the pressing the ADS and also fire keys, and also you have the right to select alternatives by pushing your melee key.

Pressing the menu buttons again closes menus.


DvarDescriptionDefault Value
bots_mainEnable this mod.true
bots_main_firstIsHostThe an initial player to affix will be given host.true
bots_main_GUIDsA comma separated perform of GUIDs of players that will be provided host.""
bots_main_waitForHostTimeHow numerous seconds to wait because that the organize player to connect before including bots to the match.10
bots_main_menuEnable the in-game food selection for hosts.true
bots_main_debugEnable the in-game waypoint editor.false
bots_main_kickBotsAtEndKick the bots at the finish of a match.false
bots_manage_addAmount that bots to add to the game, once bots space added, resets earlier to 0.0
bots_manage_fillAmount the players/bots (look in ~ bots_manage_fill_mode) to maintain in the match.0
bots_manage_fill_modebots_manage_fill players/bots counting method.0 - counts both players and bots.1 - just counts bots.0
bots_manage_fill_kickIf the quantity of players/bots in the enhance exceeds bots_manage_fill, absent bots till no longer exceeds.false
bots_manage_fill_specIf when counting players because that bots_manage_fill should include spectators.true
bots_teamOne of autoassign, allies, axis, spectator, or custom. What team the bots have to be on.autoassign
bots_team_amountWhen bots_team is set to custom. The lot of bots to be put on the axis team. The remainder will certainly be inserted on the allies team.0
bots_team_forceIf the server should pressure bots" teams according to the bots_team value. When bots_team is autoassign, unbalanced groups will it is in balanced. This dvar is ignored once bots_team is custom.false
bots_team_modeWhen bots_team_force is true and also bots_team is autoassign, players/bots count method. 0 - counts both players and also bots.1 - only counts bots0
bots_skillBots" difficulty.0 - Random difficulty for each bot.1 - Easiest an obstacle for every bots.2 to 6 - between easy and hard difficulty for all bots.7 - The hardest an obstacle for every bots.8 - tradition (look in ~ the bots_skill__ dvars0
bots_skill_axis_hardWhen bots_skill is collection to 8, the lot of hard an obstacle bots to collection on the axis team.0
bots_skill_axis_medWhen bots_skill is collection to 8, the quantity of medium difficulty bots to set on the axis team. The staying bots on the team will be collection to simple difficulty.0
bots_skill_allies_hardWhen bots_skill is collection to 8, the lot of hard difficulty bots to collection on the allies team.0
bots_skill_allies_medWhen bots_skill is collection to 8, the quantity of medium an obstacle bots to set on the allies team. The staying bots top top the team will be set to easy difficulty.0
bots_loadout_reasonableIf the bots should filter negative performing create-a-class selections.false
bots_loadout_allow_opIf the bots should have the ability to use overpowered and also annoying create-a-class selections.true
bots_loadout_rankWhat rank to collection the bots.-1 - median of all players in the match.0 - all random.1 or greater - set the bots" rank to this.-1
bots_loadout_prestigeWhat prestige to collection the bots.-1 - very same as host player in the match.-2 - every random.0 or higher - sets the bots" prestige to this.-1
bots_play_moveIf the bots can move.true
bots_play_knifeIf the bots can knife.true
bots_play_fireIf the bots can fire.true
bots_play_nadeIf the bots have the right to grenade.true
bots_play_objIf the bots can play the objective.true
bots_play_campIf the bots deserve to camp.true
bots_play_jumpdropIf the bots deserve to jump/drop shot.true
bots_play_target_otherIf the bots have the right to target various other entities other than players.true
bots_play_killstreakIf the bots can call in killstreaks.true
bots_play_adsIf the bots can aim under sights.

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bots_play_aimIf the bots have the right to aim.true



Reduced bots crouchingIncreased bots sprintingImproved bots mantling, crouching and also knifing glass when neededFixed feasible script runtime errorsImproved dominationBots use explosives more if they have itBots aim slower once ads"ingFixed bots stop breathFixed bots rubberbanding activity when their goal changesAdded bots quickscoping v snipersAdded bots reload canceling and fast swapsBots use C4Improved revengeBots can swap tools on spawn much more likely


Initial reboot release


AbilitySalvationFeel cost-free to use code, host on various other sites, host on servers, mod it and also merge mods with it, just provide credit wherein credit is due!-INeedGames/INeedBot(s)