If you placed 120 volts of electrical power through a pickle, the pickle will certainly smoke and start glow orange-yellow. The irradiate is emitted since sodium ion in the pickle become excited; their go back to the floor state results in light emission. (a) The wavelength of this emitted irradiate is 589 nm. Calculation its frequency.(b) What is the power of 0.10 mole of this photons?(c) calculation the power gap in between the excited and also ground says for the salt ion.

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A red laser tip emits light through a wavelength of 650 nm. What is the frequency of this...... ... to an top excited state. When the electron return to the ground state, they shed the excess energy in the form of 650 nm photons. What is the energy gap between the ground state and excited... Watch Answer
A n electron in an excited state in a hydrogen atom can return to the ground state in two...... ... An intermediate excited state reached by the emissions of a photon of wavelength ?2. This intermediate excited state then decays to the ground state by emitting an additional photon of wavelength ?3.... See Answer
The 73Li nucleus has actually an excited state 0.48 MeV over the ground state. What wavelength gamma photon is emitted as soon as the nucleus decays from the excited state to the ground... Check out Answer
A hydrogen atom in its ground state is excited to the n = 5 level. It then makes a change directly to the n = 2 level before returning to the ground state. (a) What space the wavelengths of the emitted photons? (b) Would any type of of the emitted light it is in in the visible... Check out Answer
The bit in a box version is often used to do rough approximates of energy level spacings....... ... Electromagnetic tide emitted? In what component of the spectrum does it lie? (c) map out the wave duty ? together a function of place for the proton in this box for the ground state and every of the... View Answer
Franchise Revenue Amigos burrito Inc. Selling franchises to independent operators throughout the...... ... is refundable in situation the franchisee goes the end of business; and that title to the tools remains with the franchisor. Under those assumptions, what would certainly be the preferable technique of accounting... View Answer
If you tight the bulb of a thermometer gently in your fingers, the analysis rises to a brand-new value....... ... is not important; simply the ratio is important. C. Suggest obstacles with this experiment, and how it can be improved. One trouble with a thermometer is that it take away time for the reading... See Answer
recognize whether each of the following costs of Granite Construction, Inc., would be classified as...... I. Gasoline supplied in trucks that haul building equipment to assorted job sites. J. Hourly incomes paid to masons and carpenters. K. Expenses for bookkeeping and tax services. L. The CEO’s salary.... Watch Answer
u(X,t) define the amount Let u = y(X,t) – X it is in the displacement field. 1 Qou · u dX. 2 show that (if fo = 0), Qoi · ? dX ?: VudX + u · Pno dAo. Check out Answer
think about the two waves presented here, which us will think about to stand for two electromagnetic radiations:(a) What is the wavelength of wave A? Of wave B?(b) What is the frequency of wave A? Of tide B?(c) recognize the regions of the electromagnetic spectrum to which waves A and B belong. Watch Answer
specific elements emit light of a details wavelength as soon as they space burned. Historically, chemists...... ... the spectrum. (b) Which element emits photons of highest possible energy? Of lowest energy? (c) when burned, a sample of an unknown problem is found to emit light of frequency 6.59 Ã 1014s-1.... Watch Answer
On February 4, 2019 Jackie purchased and inserted in company a auto she purchased because that $21,500. The car was used exclusively for her business. Compute Jackie’s expense recovery remove in 2019 presume no §179 expense however the bonus was taken:___________________ view Answer
define the broad variety of talent management efforts that use software applications by walk to www.learn.com. Then provide some examples of this firm that have properly used these applications. View Answer
A city assignment a new computer for its basic Fund in ~ an anticipated price of $88,000. The actual...... ... Price of $88,000. That is actual expense when received is $89,400. Payment is subsequently made. Provide all compelled journal entries for fundbased and government-wide financial statements. What... See Answer
Alpha coporation, group and Beta coporation, group are identical in every means except their funding structures....... F.... An invest strategy in which an investors purchases 20 percent of Alpha’s equity and replicates both the cost and dollar return of to buy 20 percent of Beta’s equity. G. Is... See Answer
Clarity communication issued $42,000 of 8%, 10-year bonds payable on October 1, 2012, in ~ par...... ... Ends on December 31. Needs 1. Journalize the issuance of the bonds on October 1, 2012. 2. Journalize the accumulation of interest cost on December 31, 2012. 3. Journalize the payment of the... View Answer

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urban Housing agency (UHA) is considering contracts with private developers to provide low-income...... ... Just invests in projects that knife an yearly rate of return of at the very least 12 percent. What rate of return would metropolitan earn on the contracts? need to Urban expropriate the contract? Why? carry out not solve... Check out Answer