I purchased a 2004 CTS end a month earlier and have gotten very little use native it. Ns have had actually this “no-start” worry over eight times now and also no one can number out specifically what the trouble is. For some reason the theft deterrent module prevents the automobile from starting. When problem an initial started, I had actually the module changed with a new part. The first time starting the vehicle after leaving the dealer, the trouble still occurred. I had the vehicles whole systems placed on the diagnostic testers and they can come up through nothing. The new part to be tested to see if defected. They erased all codes and also reset them, consisting of both keys, etc. And they were confident this would perform the trick. As soon as again, top top leaving the dealership, I stopped at the grocery and also then the auto would no start. Ns am for this reason frustrated, and the dealer. Ns am mindful of the an approach to start the auto in the meantime…without having actually it towed, though it cannot be relied on because it does operation the battery down and also you can gain stuck what without strength to use this trick come bypass the defense theft deterrent system, but it is…turn the ignition key to “accessory” place just before start (do not rotate all the means as if come start) engine and also leave there because that at least 10 minutes, turn off and also repeat for second time, revolve off and repeat 3rd time, after ~ you have actually done this 3 times, it need to start. The second time I had to perform this, it ran the battery dead and also I had actually to download a semi-permanent chargery on come the battery that I have the right to just plug into a socket in my garage. In the meantime, nobody can number out what is wrong and also I am can not to use the car. Have can anyone melted light ~ above this? HELP!!

I likewise have a very similar issue, quite most likely i think i m having actually the same failure am having actually trouble finding information on exactly what all components are involved in powering the ignition mechanism on the engine. I have actually a nicely running fairly an excellent condition car so if I need to replace every parts connected it may be a worthwhile option.

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Thank you because that reminding me why I never buy cars which save a security system, immobilizer, etc. Usually, i buy provided cars, which room old, but the one brand-new car I have owned in my life to be special-ordered with no power alternatives and no passive anti-theft system. For this reason far, the decision has actually paid off. That is now 17 years old, and no one has actually stolen the yet.

If by no-start you typical the starter engine does not physically crank the engine end then possibly the trouble is not the defense system yet the neutral security switch; a.k.a. Range selector.

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Try shifting into neutral and also see what happens. If it climate starts then the selection selector is likely the cause.