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I need aid on composing a official letter top top a accident which has a car,motorcyclelist and a animal​
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Wed. Dec 9, 2020

Mr. Batman

Western Insurance

P.O. Box 123

New York City, NY

Re: You room insured: Batman

Date that injury: Nov 30, 2020

Your paper number: 45GG6878-12

Dear Mr. Batman:

I have finished treating and so i am enclosing all of my medical records and bills on this case.

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As girlfriend know, ns was driving my motorcycle ~ above Batman Ave. In NYC, once I to be hit by her insured, Mr. Alfred, together we approached the intersection with 12th Street. Ns was driving roughly 25 MPH. Mr. Alfred was probably doing the same. It was a two-lane road. I was in my lane, and also Mr. Alfed, swerved into my lane and hit me, and knocked me over. I don’t understand if he to be trying to adjust lanes or whether he was just not paying attention. But the truth is the he entered another lane if a auto (me!) was currently in it. Because that this reason, I think that her insured to be negligent and is liable for my injuries.

As a an outcome of this incident, I damaged my appropriate shoulder and also got a concussion as soon as I fight the ground. I was attract a helmet. Someone called the police, and also they referred to as an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I spent overnight in the hospital per their concussion protocol and they strapped up mine shoulder. Climate they told me to acquire hooked up with an orthopedist of my choice. I did not need additional treatment for the concussion.

I witnessed the orthopedist, Dr. Quinn , number of times over the following three months to monitor up. After 6 weeks, she sent me for physical therapy to strengthen my shoulder and also regain my flexibility. I remained in physical treatment (Batcave physics Therapy) for 6 weeks, going three times a week. It has now been 7 months post-accident, and I think that ns am 80% recovered. My best shoulder is quiet weaker than it was before the injury, and my selection of activity is around 80-85% the what the was prior to the injury. I still have occasional twinges the pain and some difficulty sleeping ~ above my appropriate side. If i sleep too lengthy on my best side, ns wake up in pain. Ns still take Tylenol more than likely twice a week due to the fact that of shoulder pain. I provided to play a lot v my puppy prior to the injury. The injury stopped me from playing for 6 months. I just started come play again last month. I am absolutely not the same since the injury. I additionally did a most cross nation skiing. I have not skied this winter, and also can only hope that my shoulder can handle it following winter once I shot to get ago into it.

Dr. Quinn called me the I will certainly still enhance some, however that she go not mean me to with 100% improvement. He has actually put the in his last medical keep in mind as well.

My medical bills complete $7,000.00. Ns paid $500 in co-pays. My health insurance paid the remainder the the bills, yet they sent me a letter claiming a lien of $2,500 on any kind of settlement the I might get.

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My medical bills were as follows:

Dr. Quinn (orthopedist) 1,000.00

NYC Ambulance 1,000.00

NYC Hospital 2,500.00

NYC Physical therapy 2,500.00

TOTAL $7,000.00

I work as an awesome superhero for Batcave Inc. I earn $1,000 per week and also missed 6 weeks of work. I have actually attached a letter native Dr. Quinn saying the I necessary to continue to be out of job-related for that duration of time. Accordingly, my lost earnings claim is $6,000. My motorcycle to be damaged, yet my insurer has currently paid me turn off for that, for this reason I perform not should make a claim versus you. My total special damages are thus $13,000.00.

Taking into account her insured’s pure liability and my irreversible injuries, in this case, I need $135,000.00 to settle this case. Would you you re welcome advise regarding your think on this matter?