The Browning Auto-5 semiautomatic shotgun began production in 1902, and also they were made until 1999 when the "Final Tribute" was produced. The Browning Auto-5 Sweet 16 lightweight, 16-gauge shotgun, started production in 1937 and also it ran v 1992. Pinpointing the exact manufacturing year of at an early stage Sweet 16s is a bit difficult. This is because Browning firearms made from 1903 v 1939 were simply numbered in numeric order quite than offered a serial number to signify the year in i beg your pardon they were made. For guns made after people War II, serial number or a mix of letters and also numbers will certainly aim you to the manufacturing year.

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Look very closely at your gun come make certain it is a Sweet 16, 16-gauge shotgun and not a traditional 16-gauge shotgun. Every Sweet 16 shotguns do in 1949 and also on will have "Sweet Sixteen" engraved on the left side of the receiver. If your gun to be made previously than 1949, look in ~ the cause -- just Sweet 16 shotguns will have a gold trigger. Currently that you"ve confirmed that you have actually a Sweet 16, fairly than a typical 16-gauge shotgun, monitor the rest of the measures to uncover when it was manufactured.

Look at the bottom that the shotgun receiver. Engraved on the bottom that the receiver will certainly be the serial number. If the pistol is an extremely old and engravings hard to read, situate your owner"s manual to uncover your Browning serial number. If you do not have actually the initial owner"s manual, you can discover the owner"s hands-on online in ~ the Browning website.

Identify pre-WWII Sweet 16s: As proclaimed in the introduction, pre-WWII Sweet 16"s walk not have engraved serial numbers. Instead, they were merely numbered. Weapons engraved with the "Serial Number" the 1 to 228,000 were made native 1903 through 1939. Since the Sweet 16 was presented to the public in 1937, you"ll only have the ability to guess that your total was made in 1937, 1938 or 1939.

Look in ~ the serial number on the recipient of your shotgun. Sweet 16 guns manufactured in 1940 with 1946 will have actually the letter "A," the year the manufacture, add to a number in between 229,000 and 237,000.

Identify your Sweet 16 indigenous the so late 1940s: guns made in 1947 will have a serial number in between 237,001 and 249,000. Firearms made in 1948 will have a serial number between 249,001 and 270,000. And also Sweet 16s make in 1949 will have a serial number between 270,001 and 285,000.

Identify Sweet 16 shotguns that were manufactured in the beforehand 1950s: Sweet 16s make in 1950 will have actually serial number in between 285,001 and 315,000. Weapons made in 1951 will have actually a serial number from 315,001 to 346,000. Weapons made in 1952 will have actually a serial number between 346,001 and 387,000. And also Sweet 16s manufactured in 1953 will have a serial number native 387,001 to 438,000.

Identify your Sweet 16 shotgun if it was produced in the mid to late 1950s: guns made in 1954 and also 1955 will have actually the letter "L" and a number between 1 and 83,000. Firearms manufactured in 1956 will have actually the letter "G," followed by a number in between 1 and 23,000. And Sweet 16 firearms made in 1957 will have actually the letter "G," followed by a number indigenous 23,0001 to 85,000.

Identify the year your Sweet 16 shotgun to be made native 1958 with 1967. The serial numbers on these firearms will also have the letter "G," followed by a number between 85,001 and also 99,000. To discover the date, look in ~ the number just before the letter G. The number represents the critical digit in the year (only native 1958 through 1967) it was manufactured. Because that example, a Sweet 16 with a serial variety of 2G87,908 would average it was manufactured in 1962.

Look at the serial number of your Sweet 16 to identify the year it was manufactured from 1969 v 1976. The guns made throughout this time duration were again stamped with a "G," a serial number beginning at 1,000, and additionally bearing the last two digits of the year it was made. If her Sweet 16 has actually the serial number 74G1,987, this would average your gun was manufactured in 1974.

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Identify the year your Sweet 16 was manufactured if do from 1976 v 1992 (when production of the Sweet 16 ended). The serial number will begin with 01001, followed by 2 letters, and also end in 221. If her gun walk not end in 221, the is no a Sweet 16 shotgun. The day of manufacture password are: Z = 1, Y = 2, X = 3, W = 4, V = 5, T = 6, R = 7, ns = 8, N = 9 and M = 0. A Sweet 16 shotgun do in 1976 will have the code 01001RT221, through RT representing the year 1976.