Every now and also then, a tune gets increase in mine head. Lately, that empty space has been booked for “The High Road,” one ethereal and also esoteric ballad by damaged Bells. Prior to an invasion of the mind snatchers, i was just marginally acquainted with hazard Mouse, a multi-instrumentalist producer who reverts to his provided name of Brian Burton because that the cooperation with James Mercer, lead singer-songwriter that the Shins -- previously not on my minimal musical radar. This reduced from the brand-new band’s eponymous debut album is literally mesmerizing; i feel compelled to close mine eyes and let it lug me away every time. Possibly I’ve got some sort of zen point going: an experience beyond rational thought; a universal heart that have the right to zip with each the us, pass enlightenment.I wish somebody would certainly enlighten me around the definition of “The High Road.” ~ above the material plane, the text seem to obliquely attend to the post-traumatic stress disorder plaguing plenty of veterans, a kind of psychological damage that was when called battle fatigue. There are several specific military references: “This military has so numerous heads/ come analyze...” and “A solider is bailing out/ His lips cut on the barrel...,” for example. Except that, however, the imagery is beautiful elusive. The minimalist music video features co-composers Burton and also Mercer walking at night under a hope two-lane blacktop v flashlights in your hands. Lock encounter random apparitions -- a web traffic accident, a kid with a remote-controlled toy car, a burlesque dancer in what appears to it is in a one-woman girlie present -- however no symbols saying the equipped forces. The words perform not batter a listener through messages. Yet, a sense of foreboding seeps in many thanks to lines such together “I don’t understand if I’m dead or not/ to anyone...” Mercer’s lead vocals go from smoothly somber come an edgy near-falsetto come mellow during a chorus through harmonies worthy of The Beach guys (one that his self-acknowledged influences), when retaining one otherworldly high quality that reminds me the Richard Manuel. However The Band, my favorite rock ensemble of the so late 1960s, had a an ext old-timey ethos 보다 the same soulful damaged Bells. Burton, who’s play drums, starts “The High Road” through futuristic synthesizer sounds that underscore the piece’s pre-apocalyptic ambiance. This is not unlike what The Police did v guitars because that the intro to “Walking top top the Moon” in 1979. Sting once said the composition’s sensibility to be being “relieved of gravity,” comparable to how we feel once falling in love. Damaged Bells may be send a cosmic heartache indigenous the an excellent Beyond.Burton is an interesting and also rather unpredictable guy: regular collaborating v Mercer since the early 1990s, he’s the other half of Gnarls Barkley with hip-hopper Cee-Lo Green. They uncovered inspiration in spaghetti westerns for their 2006 breakout hit solitary “Crazy.” In 2004, Burton’s The Grey Album borrowed a cappella phrasings from Jay-Z’s The black color Album and instrumentals indigenous The Beatles, a.k.a. The White Album. He additionally produced recordings for such diverse acts together Gorillaz and also Beck.Often explained as indie pop, Mercer’s style additionally has a bit of a folkie troubadour bent. If “The High Road” does certainly offer a cold commentary top top the casualties of war, the topic can hit rather close to home for him. The attended high school in England and Germany because his father was stationed in those countries with the U.S. Wait Force. Who knows what his son actually thinks around the troops fighting in Iraq and also Afghanistan? Those views would not adjust the elusive nature that the song in question or the challenges every among us deals with in do the efforts to take it the high road. When it concerns considering the duality that existence, transcendence is what makes any kind of art kind greater than the sum of the parts.

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Zen, for sure. All I understand is that i feel as if I’m about to leave my body once James Mercer sings “Come on and also get your overdose/ collection it in ~ the borderline/ and also they desire to obtain up in your head.”* * *http://lyricsmusicvideo.blogspot.com/2010/01/broken-bells-high-road-lyrics-video.html* * *“The High Road”We"re bound to wait every nightShe"s tied to run amokInvested enough in the anyhowTo each his ownThe garden needs sorting outShe curls she lips on the boughI don"t recognize if I"m dead or notTo anyoneCome on and also get the minimumBefore you open up up your eyesThis army has so plenty of headsTo analyze...Come on and get her overdoseCollect it in ~ the borderlineAnd they desire to acquire up in your head"cause we know and also so do IThe high roadway is difficult to findA detour come your new lifeTell all of your friends goodbyeThe dawn to end all nightsThat"s all us hoped it wasA rest from the war in her houseTo every his ownA soldier is bailing outHe cutting his lips top top the barrelAnd i don"t understand if the dead have the right to talkTo anyoneCome on and get the minimumBefore you open up your eyesThis military has so many handsAre you among usCome on and also get her overdoseCollect it in ~ the borderlineAnd they desire to gain up in her head"cause us know, and so carry out IThe high road is difficult to findA detour come your brand-new lifeTell every one of your friend goodbyeIt"s too late to readjust your mindYou let loss be your guideIt"s also late to readjust your mindYou let loss be her guideIt"s also late to change your mindYou allow loss be her guideIt"s too late to readjust your mindYou allow loss be her guide